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UIS Data Center Move

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Update 2:20p.m., October 10, 2023: All services that are reliant upon the UIS data center have returned and the UIS data center move is complete. 


Update 12:00 p.m., October 10, 2023: Most services reliant upon the UIS data center have returned but Buff Portal is not online yet. For more information, visit the UIS data center update page. 


Update 7:30 a.m., October 10, 2023: UIS is completing the required updates to the software issue discovered during the data center move. They are in the final stages of this effort and will be bringing the affected services back online by no later than noon today, Tuesday, October 10. For more information, visit the UIS data center update page. 


Update 8:00 a.m., October 9, 2023: UIS ran into an issue with software during the data center move and is still working to bring all the services back online. They expect that this will take an additional 24 hours, meaning that the affected services, listed below, will be available at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, October 10. For more information, visit the UIS data center update page or read the original news story below. 


Starting at 12 p.m. Friday, October 6 through 8 a.m. Monday October 9, University Information Services (UIS) will move physical equipment to a new, modern facility on the Anschutz Medical Campus. If needed, a contingency date has been planned for November 10 - 13.

This move, which involves moving and setting up more than 11 tons of equipment, will be a cold cutover, meaning all applications dependent on the UIS data center will be unavailable during the implementation window. Broadly, the systems that will be affected are similar to other UIS service maintenance upgrades, like the Enterprise Applications upgrade that is planned for Sunday, September 17.

Impact to CU Boulder 

While CU Boulder’s OIT is not facilitating this move, there are a number of systems and services on the CU Boulder campus that will be affected. Please note that this may not be an exhaustive list of every system impacted, but encapsulates OIT’s supported services that we have determined will be affected. If you utilize other services that depend on UIS servers, visit the UIS announcement of this move or jump down to the full list of affected services.

Unaffected services 

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft 365 
  • Network (Wi-Fi and Wired connections, VPN)
  • Teaching and Learning Applications (iClickers, PlayPosit, Qualtrics, Turnitin, etc.)
  • Learning Spaces Technology (Classroom Capture, Technology Equipped Classrooms, Student Printing, etc.)
  • HireVue
  • Zoom

Services that will be available, but may be affected by the outage

  • Access and use of Computing Labs
  • Canvas (Overall will be unaffected. Please note that during the outage you should log in directly at, and changes to course rosters will not be available.)
  • Cornerstone (log in directly at
  • CU Boulder Jobs (log in directly at
  • Docusign (log in directly at
  • Enterprise Database (changes/updates to data not available during outage)
  • Federated Identity Service (existing log ins will not be affected, but any changes will not populate during outage)
  • IdentiKey Manager (service available, changes/updates may not populate until after the outage)
  • Slate (available, but changes may be limited during the outage)
  • University Libraries 

Services unavailable during the outage  

  • MyCUInfo
  • Buff Portal
  • Campus Solutions
  • eRA by InfoEd 
  • FIN
  • HCM
  • Salesforce

Full list of affected UIS services 

  • 25Live/Lynx
  • Automic 
  • Campus Solutions
  • Campus Solutions Mobile Application
  • Central Information Warehouse (CIW) 
  • Cherwell 
  • Concur
  • CU Ascend
  • CU Careers (internal access not available, external will be available)
  • CU-Data
  • CU Marketplace
  • CU People Master Data Management
  • Degree Audit and Transfer Credit (DATC)
  • EMS Room Scheduling 
  • Enterprise Portal
  • eRA (interface with the HCM system only)
  • eRA InfoEd application (excluding the interface with HCM system)
  • FIN
  • HCM
  • HireRight
  • International Tax Navigator
  • Integration Gateway
  • LeepFrog Interfaces 
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Minuet by Inteum
  • My Leave
  • Nelnet
  • Open Data and Information Network (ODIN)
  • OnBase (direct access and Unity Client)
  • Oracle Identity Management
  • Parchment 
  • Peoplesoft Elasticsearch (PES)
  • Perceptive Content
  • Phire 
  • Ping Federate for Single-Sign-On (UIS SSO system)
  • Salesforce (specifically SSO instances: eComm, PSC, IOS—including Pardot)
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol 
  • Skillsoft
  • Sunapsis—the International Student Scholar System
  • Tableau Servers
  • TeamDynamix (CU System instances)
  • TeamMate
  • Terminal Servers
  •  VP/CUI Online IDF
  • Web Performance Monitoring

Plan ahead and stay informed

  • Subscribe to OIT News and the OIT Weekly so you receive reminders and other important updates about technology at CU Boulder. 
  • Follow OIT on Twitter and Facebook and look for the all clear message on Monday, October 9.
  • Subscribe to the UIS Maintenance Matters blog to be informed about future maintenance.
  • Forward this information to colleagues in your department and inform students about the outage.
  • Add this event to your calendar and/or department calendars.

If you are concerned about how this will affect your group, please contact OIT at or contact the UIS Service Desk directly at 303-860-HELP (4357) or