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Buff Portal - Our Practices

Design Principles

The following Design Principles motivate and ensure that Buff Portal is:

  • Accessible and Secure: Ensure the portal is inclusive and accessible to all students, including those with disabilities, and maintains stringent security to protect sensitive data.
  • Whole and Connective: Provide a unified and integrated access point for all student services, with a seamless single sign-on experience.
  • Personal and Adaptive: Personalize the experience and adapt the portal to present relevant information based on individual student contexts and time-sensitive needs.
  • Intuitive and Consistent: Offer a user-friendly interface with straightforward functions and consistent design patterns to reduce the learning curve.
  • Reliable and Performant: Develop a robust infrastructure that ensures efficiency and high performance across devices and networks.
  • Beautiful and Content-Optimized: Employ an aesthetically pleasing design that simplifies task completion, with content presented through progressive disclosure.
  • Feedback-Driven and Sustainable: Commit to ongoing refinement of the portal based on user research and feedback, while balancing a sustainable personalized design for long-term viability.
  • Flexible and Future-Proof: Incorporate a design that allows for flexibility in emergencies and adaptability for future technologies and methodologies.

How we like to work

We apply a communication-forward approach in our collaborations. Want to work with us? Email us at