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Transition to Teams Calls - FAQ

Project FAQ 

Why is OIT transitioning from Cisco VoIP phones to Microsoft Teams?

In order to address the new hybrid and remote work modalities for CU Boulder , our phone service needed to adapt to provide flexible and agile communication functionality in ways that traditional physical phones, like the Cisco VoIP phones, just don’t do well. The convergence of the unified communications landscape coupled with the university’s investment in the Microsoft suite of tools presented the opportunity to address our needs with Microsoft Teams. With the campus voice service hosted on Teams, our phone service will continue to provide traditional phone features, but also allow for seamless integration with Teams features like Chat, Calendar, Files and more. And because you can use Teams on your desktop, laptop or mobile devices, the experience is consistent and easy-to-use no matter if you are on-campus, working remotely or moving between both.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration application that combines document collaboration, one-on-one and team chat, online meetings, Office 365 and third-party integrations, and much more, all in one tool. Learn more about what is included in Teams. 

How accessible is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams can be very difficult and time-consuming for users of assistive technology due to inconsistent navigation requirements, multiple regions, unpredictable focus changes, quantity of content, and lack of structural cues. If you or a colleague uses assistive technology, alternative options listed on the Teams Accessibility page should be considered instead of relying on Microsoft Teams for communication.

When will the transition happen? 

The transition is expected to start in fall of 2022 and the conversion of phone numbers to Teams will take place incrementally by organizational groups like departments, schools, and colleges.  

Will I still have my phone number? 

Yes, your campus extension will remain the same on Teams. 

When will the calling feature be enabled in Microsoft Teams?

The calling functionality in Teams will be enabled when your phone number is transitioned to Microsoft. You will receive emails prior to the transition and again once it’s complete.

How will my desk phone be collected by OIT? 

OIT will be in contact with departments about the schedule for retrieving existing Cisco phones that are on desks today. 

What will happen to physical phones that are in common locations like classrooms or break rooms?

OIT will replace phones in common locations with new hard phones in places like classrooms, labs and other areas that require a phone for safety reasons.

How does calling someone over Microsoft Teams work? 

Watch this short video to learn how to make and review calls, voicemail and phone settings, and much more. 

Does Microsoft Teams work on a Mac or Linux machine? 

Yes, Teams works on Mac, Linux, and Windows machines. Before downloading on your device, check the hardware requirements for Mac, the hardware requirements for Linux or the hardware requirements for Windows .  

Does Microsoft Teams work on a mobile phone?

Teams apps are available for both iOS and Android. Check the hardware requirements for mobile devices before installing.  

Will the university provide me with a mobile phone? 

It is at a department's discretion whether a mobile phone is provided. Moving voice services to Teams does not change this practice.

Will I still be able to forward calls?
Will I still be able to have a conference call? 

Yes, Teams allows you to add someone to a call and merge calls .  

Will I still have voicemail? 
Will I be able to keep my saved voicemails from my desk phone? 

Yes, to save voicemails, log in with IdentiKey credentials to the Unity Connections WEB inbox while on campus or using VPN, and forward the .wav file to an email address.

I currently have Jabber, will this transition to Microsoft Teams?

Yes, Jabber is a component to the Cisco solution and will be transitioning to Microsoft Teams.

If I call someone using the Microsoft Teams app on my cell phone will the recipient see my personal phone number?

No, the person receiving the call will see your work number as the incoming call number if you use the Teams mobile app to place a call. 

Will there be training videos about using Microsoft Teams for calls? 

Yes, we will have comprehensive training in place which will include videos, documentation, and live web training. Visit OIT’s Teams Service page to get a head start on using Teams.

How will this change impact call centers? 

Call centers will be migrated to a Microsoft Teams compatible application after the first phase of phone migrations is complete. OIT will be in direct contact with call center managers as more details are available.

Faculty Resources

How can I ensure my phone does not ring or interrupt me during my class?

There are several ways to do this. OIT recommends setting your status to Do not disturb. No notifications or calls will come through when your status is set to Do not disturb. Visit OIT's Change your status in Teams tutorial to learn how. 

Another way to do this is to edit your settings to not allow notifications when you are in a meeting. Teams pulls your calendar from Outlook, so you will need to ensure your calendar is up to date, as well as change this setting before it will work. Visit OIT's Microsoft Teams - Change Notifications tutorial and scroll down to Meetings and Calls to set this up. 

How can I silence Team notifications during times I need to focus and not be interrupted?

You can utilize the Do not disturb feature in the previous question, or edit your settings to not allow notifications when you are in a meeting. Teams pulls your calendar from Outlook, so you will need to ensure your calendar is up to date, as well as setting this notification. Visit OIT's Microsoft Teams - Change Notifications tutorial and scroll down to Meetings and Calls to set this up. 

If I call 911 from my laptop on campus, will it work? What if I move from my on campus office to my class or my off campus office to my class?

On Campus:

If you are on campus, your location information will automatically update based on the network location you are connected to.


 If off-campus you will need to update your location information. Open your Calls tab, click Location not detected at the bottom of the window and select Add. 

Teams Calls tab - add 911 location

Enter your address and click Confirm. Your location in your Calls tab will update. 

teams calls 911 address

Does the phone still ring if my computer is off or it is after work hours?

If you only use Teams on your computer, no. The caller will be sent to your voicemail box. If you install the Teams app for iOS or Android, the call will ring on your mobile phone if your computer is off.

I would like to use my cell phone without sharing my personal phone number with students. How can I do this?

Install the Teams mobile app for iOS or Android and your students can call you using your office number. They can also use the chat function if you prefer to communicate that way (the student would need to use Teams as well). 

Will calls still work if I do not have an internet connection?

Teams requires an internet connection on a computer. If you have installed the Teams mobile app for iOS or Android you can use the calling function using your mobile network. 

How does voicemail work with Teams?
Is there a Teams User Manual?

Yes, download the Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide. We also recommend visiting or bookmarking OIT's Microsoft Teams Service page or watching the Introduction to Microsoft Teams video on OIT's YouTube channel. 

How can I configure my contacts with Teams Calls?

Watch OIT's Manage Contacts and Speed Dial in Teams Calls video for a good overview of this process. 

Is it possible to get a recording or transcript of a voicemail forwarded to our CU Boulder emails?

Yes the standard voicemail solution integrates with Exchange email and sends an audio file and transcription to your email box. OIT's video tutorial on how to configure Voicemail covers this feature. 

Can I opt out? 

Yes, you can opt out of the service if you do not want to have a University phone number. Please contact your telephone liaison or send an email to

Will the university provide a headset so the conversations are more private - similar to talking on a phone or with a handset? 

Campus departments are responsible for purchasing headsets needed through the guidance of supporting remote and hybrid  workers computer peripherals, can be found on the Recommended Computer Peripherals page.

What types of headsets does OIT recommend? 

Any headset compatible with your computer can work with Microsoft Teams. Visit the Recommended Computer Peripherals page for OIT's recommendations.

Here are the following headsets that are MS certified that are available on Marketplace:

Wired Headsets

  • Jabra Evolve 20 MS USB-A (Online price ranges:  $50-$75)
  • Jabra Evolve 40 MS USB-A (Online price ranges:  $88-$130)

Wireless Headsets

  • Jabra Evolve65 MS (Online price ranges:  $230-$270)
  • Jabra Evolve75 MS (Online price ranges:  $293-$380)


Information for Telecommunication Liaisons

What will you need from me to transition my department? 

OIT's Voice Services team will provide you with a spreadsheet containing your department’s information. Once you get the email from us with the spreadsheet, you will need to verify and return it in a specified timeline with any changes. If you have questions, please contact

What will happen to physical phones that are in common locations like classrooms or break rooms? 

OIT will replace phones in common locations with new hard phones in places like classrooms, labs and other areas that require a phone for safety reasons. 

Can someone who primarily works on-campus request a physical phone instead of having their number moved to Teams? 

The primary objective is to move everyone to Teams soft phones; however, if a department determines a physical phone is required, the department will be able to purchase a phone set. Stay tuned for more details on how that purchasing process will work.

Does this change impact conferencing units? 

Any Cisco conference units that were purchased by the department will be replaced with Teams certified equipment. 

What if I have a need to order a new conference unit?

Liaisons can request a new conference unit through the Voice Data request form.

How will OIT retrieve the physical phones? 

OIT will contact departments about retrieving existing Cisco phones that are on desks today. 

Will the Voice Services request form still exist? 

Yes, the Voice/Data Service Request Form  will remain after this change as will the standard procedures for requesting voice and data services. 

Will I still have to request a phone line for new employees? 

Yes, the standard procedure for requesting voice and data services will remain in place. 

When someone leaves the university, do I need to do anything? 

Yes, please request a disconnect or name change  for the existing directory number. 

Will you be offering training or documentation about using Microsoft Teams calling? 

Yes, we will have comprehensive training in place which will include videos, documentation, and live web training. Visit OIT’s Teams service page  to get a head start on using Teams. 

If I have questions, how can I get support?

You can contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 or, or email your questions to

Am I still a phone telecommunications liaison after this change? 

Yes, there are no plans to change these roles as part of this transition.