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Zoom - Secure Meetings Guide

With Zoom in more wide use on campus and worldwide, there is a need to make meetings more secure for hosts and participants. Zoom offers several options to increase the security and privacy of Zoom sessions. Use this guide to help make your meetings secure. 

Meeting Security Tab

The Zoom Security tab will help you manage attendees easily from one tab. Click Security during a meeting to see options for managing attendees including: lock meeting, turn on waiting rooms, remove a participant, and attendee abilities including screen sharing, chat, renaming and annotations.

Please note: This feature is only available on Zoom version 4.6.10 and above. Visit Zoom's download center or open your desktop application, navigate to your initials in the top right corner, and select Check for Updates to ensure you have the most recent version of the software.

Planning Secure Meetings

Require Authentication

Domain Based Authentication allows you to restrict attendees to only those with CU Boulder IdentiKeys. As the meeting organizer, you can set this for all future scheduled meetings, or add authentication on a meeting-by-meeting basis.

Set a Meeting Password

Adding a unique password to a meeting is one way to prevent people who find the link to your meeting from actually joining. This is particularly helpful if you have a publicly posted meeting room link because you can send the password to attendees privately to ensure they are able to enter the room. 

Use Waiting Rooms

Set up a Waiting Room before your Zoom meeting and you will be able to see who is trying to enter your room and either admit them to the meeting, or remove them from the waiting room.  

Enable Attendees on Hold Option

Visit the Zoom web portal so you have the ability put attendees on hold during upcoming events. 

Managing Attendees During a Meeting

Add an Alternate Host

Having a trusted co-host in your meeting can help you manage and remove attendees or take over the presentation if you're unable to attend.

Lock Meetings

Locking a meeting after all attendees have arrived prevents others from joining mid-session.

  • Open the participants list once all attendees have joined
  • Select More
  • Select Lock meeting

Remove, Stop Video, Put on Hold

Hosts have the ability to remove attendees, stop the video of an attendee, or put an attendee on hold. Be sure to enable the put on hold option before your meeting.

  • Select Manage Participants in the host control bar
  • Hover over the attendee’s name in the list
  • Select More
  • Select the appropriate option, including Remove, Stop Video, or Put on hold

Limit Screen Sharing

Hosts can remove attendees ability to screen share during a meeting.

  • During the meeting, open the Screen Sharing pop up menu
  • Select Advanced Sharing Options
  • Under Who can share? Select Only Host

Additional Zoom Security Resources