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OIT Campus Outreach

In an effort to keep the CU Boulder campus involved with and informed of OIT events, OIT has instituted formal outreach programs for various groups on campus. These groups include:

  • IT Communications Liaisons (ITCLs)
  • IT Practitioners (ITPs)
  • All other interested individuals

Keep reading for more information on how OIT defines each of these groups and the details of our outreach efforts for each group.

IT Communications Liaisons (ITCLs)

Members of this group agree to act as liaisons between OIT and their respective departments. The primary duty of an IT Communications Liaison (ITCL) is to review messages from OIT, determine if they are relevant to the department, and, if they are, pass them on, ideally with an introduction that explains relevancy.

While ITCLs are likely to have an understanding of IT issues, it is not a requirement that they be IT Practitioners. In fact, in some cases, an IT Practitioner (defined below) may not be the best choice as a department’s ITCL if someone else is able to more efficiently review OIT messages and alerts and forward them on in a timely manner.

Every department at CU Boulder is asked to identify at least one person to serve as the department's ITCL. As stated above, this person may or may not be an IT Practitioner. Departments will be periodically asked to review the public listing of ITCLs located on the OIT website to ensure they are accurately represented.

To become an ITCL for your department, please submit your information using the ITP & ITCL Update Your Contact Information form.

IT Practitioners (ITPs)

IT Practitioners (ITPs) perform the IT work at CU Boulder. The title of ITP encompasses anyone that spends the majority of his or her time performing IT-related activities. With the help of campus Human Resources, OIT maintains a list of campus ITPs. Because the work of an ITP is directly impacted by the decisions and projects OIT undertakes, as well as by unexpected issues that arise with the services OIT supports, it is assumed that ITPs would appreciate being the recipients of OIT’s outreach efforts. Therefore, an ITP does not need to opt into this group; OIT automatically subscribes ITPs to our various communications channels and outreach venues.

While one’s job dictates whether one is an ITP, there is some effort required to maintain an accurate list of ITPs at CU Boulder. Because Human Resources queries may not capture all ITPs, or all the details OIT would like to have on file for ITPs, we ask that all ITPs manually submit information updates to OIT on an annual basis using the ITP & ITCL Update Your Contact Information form.

ITPs should also use this same form to indicate their willingness to act as IT Communications Liaisons (defined above). For many ITPs, serving as a liaison for OIT is a natural fit; however, it is not a requirement for those that do not have the desire or authority to take on that type of role within their department.

Other Interested Individuals

Many of OIT’s communications channels are subscription-based. Anyone at CU Boulder who wishes to receive timely announcements can subscribe to service alerts and OIT news. Our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) are also great ways to stay informed.

OIT Outreach/Involvement for Each Group

Outreach/Involvement IT Practitioners (ITPs) IT Communications Liaisons (ITCLs) Other Interested Individuals

Service Alerts: Notifications of outages or degradations of OIT-supported services.

Automatic subscription Automatic subscription Optional subscription
Targeted emails regarding new services, projects, requests for input, and other announcements. Automatic addition to ITP alias. 2-3 emails per week. Automatic addition to liaison alias. 1-2 emails per week. Occasional receipt of campus-wide emails
OIT News Automatic subscription Automatic subscription Optional subscription
ITSuppComm: A group email forum for peer-to-peer IT discussions. Automatic subscription Optional subscription Optional subscription
Participation in key OIT projects Participation is requested and encouraged. Other participation opportunities available Other participation opportunities available
Input into recommended and supported hardware and software Participation is requested and encouraged. Other participation opportunities available Other participation opportunities available
IT Practitioner Microsoft Team Voluntary membership Voluntary membership N/A
Community with other IT Professionals A cross-departmental team is collaborating on a community opportunity for IT Professionals across CU Boulder. Stay tuned.