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IdentiKey - Account Provisioning and Activation

Account Types


A primary account is your primary personal account. For example, Ralphie Buffalo's primary account is his IdentiKey, buffalor, and his personal CU Boulder email address is


A secondary account may be associated with a primary account. For example, Ralphie Buffalo has an IdentiKey for his club's email address (ralphclub). This is referred to as a secondary account.

Secondary accounts are activated and managed in IdentiKey Manager. The primary account holder can click Manage My Secondary Account(s) on the IdentiKey Manager site to activate and change settings. Use the Activate Secondary Accounts tutorial for help managing secondary accounts. 

If a secondary account does not have an IdentiKey it cannot be managed through IdentiKey Manager. For assistance with accounts like this, contact the IT Service Center

Account Provisioning


IdentiKeys are created when you are accepted to the University of Colorado at Boulder. After being accepted, you can activate your IdentiKey in IdentiKey manager.


When your job appointment is entered into the payroll system, your IdentiKey will be created within one to two business days. If you cannot activate your IdentiKey, check with your HR liaison to ensure your job appointment has been entered with the correct effective date.


Retirees who are being paid by the University of Colorado Boulder will maintain their IdentiKey and email services.

Sponsored Individuals

After a current Faculty or Staff member at the University of Colorado Boulder has approved and submitted a sponsorship request for you, your IdentiKey will be created.

Non-Primary Accounts

Non-Primary Accounts (also known as Secondary accounts or Group accounts) can be requested by contacting the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357. Once the IdentiKey for the non-primary account has been created, you can activate it.