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Video Conferencing

CU Boulder Provided Services

If you need a video conference facility please contact us for more information by emailing or calling 303-735-4357. 

OIT provides an enterprise web conferencing tool, Zoom, which is available for all faculty and staff at the university. Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, online meetings, and collaboration into a single intuitive platform. Zoom's extensive feature set, broad compatibility with desktop and mobile devices, and multi-layered security allow CU Boulder to have rich web conferencing experiences with both campus affiliated and unaffiliated users.

For more information please visit the Zoom service page. Additionally, to connect traditional videoconferencing devices with Zoom please see the following page covering H.323/SIP Room Connector.

Additional Conferencing Solutions

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center provides a bridging service

The University of Colorado Health Sciences Center has an agreement with the University of Colorado at Boulder to offer and support bridging services for multi-point video conferences. This is a service that CU Boulder contributes to and is available to CU Boulder campus affiliates. This service can be used independently of OIT managed video conferencing services and facilities. If you have an interest in these services or need additional information, visit the Educational Support Services at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center website or contacting their technical assistance at 303-734-8121. If you need to utilize video conferencing facilities on the CU Boulder campus or have questions about what is available on the CU Boulder campus, you should contact the IT Service Center.



  • Zoom “Pro” licenses are distributed to campus affiliates as a common good service.
  • Zoom is intended as a self-service video conferencing solution. To leverage Zoom for special events (multiple cameras/mics) that require advanced support or mission criticality, the following are several event service providers which can assist: Alpine Audiovisual, CEAVCO Event Services, Sonic Foundry Special Event Services.

Who can get it

All campus affiliates can use Zoom Pro licenses.

How to get Support

Contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 (5-HELP from any campus phone) or at

Learning Spaces Technology

OIT’s Learning Spaces Technology (LST) team provides support for technology equipped classrooms, as well as defining, revisiting, and revising technology standards for teaching and learning spaces. LST also supports: