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Unix Guide - Local Unix Conventions

Local Documents

This document is designed to introduce Boulder Campus users to local Unix conventions that they may have not seen on Unix systems at other sites. The directory


contains several files that explain OIT procedures, user responsibilities, and some third-party software documentation. In particular, Accounts, Disk Allocation, and User Responsibilities should be consulted.

Home Directory Conventions

The path to a user's home directory uses the following convention:


where username usually corresponds to your last name or some variation of your last and first name and/or initials, or the first two letters of your first name, the first two letters of your last name and a four digit number. For example, if my name is Ralphie Buffalo, then my home directory might be


While your physical home directory may be slightly different (i.e., /home3/username/), the physical location can change due to disk space demands. The path to your home directory of /home/username/ is always guaranteed to work.