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Microsoft Stream - FAQ

How do I access Microsoft Stream?

Log in to the Microsoft 365 portal. Stream will appear as an icon in the Microsoft 365 App Launcher.

Do I need to request a channel in Stream in order to upload and share videos in Stream?

No, all CU Boulder Microsoft 365 users can upload videos to Stream and choose how to share the video content with other Microsoft 365 users.

What should the name of my Department's Stream Channel be?

Your channel name should be descriptive of your department, unit or student group. Channel names should follow the naming convention Department - Unit (e.g. OIT - Human Resources or Athletics - Baseball). If you are unsure what the name should be, OIT staff will assist in finding the appropriate name for your channel.

Can I embed videos from Microsoft Stream from other websites or resources?

Yes. Users will be prompted to log in to Microsoft 365 when they click on the link. Once authenticated to Microsoft 365, the video will play. Learn how to embed Microsoft Stream videos

What video formats are supported?

Visit Microsoft's page about formats that work in Microsoft Stream.

Can I add subtitles or captions to a video?

Microsoft 365 Stream supports upload of Web Video Text Track (.vtt) file format. More details can be found on the Add subtitles or captions to your videos in Microsoft 365 Stream page.

Can I find information about how many people are watching videos that I post on a Microsoft Stream channel?

Microsoft Stream tracks information about the number of views other statistics. The number of people who have viewed each video is tracked at the bottom of the video player.

What playback formats are supported?

With most operating systems and devices, the videos playback in HTML5 format. Some older browsers and operating system combinations may prompt you to install Adobe Flash player. Learn more about Stream video playback

Does Stream encode uploaded videos for playback on various devices and bandwidth scenarios?

Yes. When you upload content to Microsoft 365 Stream, it is encoded into various formats for adaptive smooth streaming so that the consumer can get the best playback experience based on the combination of device and bandwidth capabilities. Playback is based on H.264 at 720p resolution with bandwidth ranging from 400kbps – 3000kbps. Throughout playback the Microsoft 365 Stream monitors the quality of service and adjusts the playback every 2 secs to provide the best possible experience for each client. Learn more about Stream's video upload process.

Can I share a video uploaded to Microsoft 365 with a user who does not have a CU Boulder Microsoft 365 account?

No. The Microsoft Stream service is currently limited to users who have a valid CU Boulder Microsoft 365 account.