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VPN - Advanced Users and Server Administrators

The following information is applicable only to Advanced Users of campus VPN services and/or Server Administrators.

Cisco VPN Limited Service

The Cisco AnyConnect client can also connect to a limited service that OIT provides. This service will only route your network traffic to the campus when you access campus resources such as file shares and servers.

  • Limited: You will not have access to UCB Libraries' partner resources from other institutions.
  • To use:  Open the Cisco AnyConnect client and enter in the VPN: text field.

IP Ranges for server administrators

Admins only: OIT offers VPN service in the following ranges. Please adjust your systems for the following IP ranges.

Campus-wide VPNs:

  • -
  • Alternate Notation:
  • -
  • Alternate notation:
  • -
  • Alternate notation -