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UCB Files - Known Issues

Windows displays incorrect folder size information on UCB Files

  • Issue: On Windows 10 in Windows File Explorer, when you right-click on a folder and select Properties, Windows will incorrectly calculate the size the folder selected. The true size of the folder is in almost all cases much larger.
  • Cause: A software bug in Windows File Explorer was introduced in 2018 that causes this issue in Windows 10. At this time, we believe the UCB Files server does not play a role in this issue.
  • Resolution: OIT recommends using a free application such as WinDirStat or Space Sniffer. These applications provide more accurate size information with the added benefit of displaying a graphical representation of subfolder and file sizes in the tree. Note that they will not provide size data for folders that you do not have security permissions to access.

Microsoft Office Word and Excel documents disappear from UCB Files

  • Issue: When saving a Word or Excel document on UCB Files from macOS, the file is deleted from the server. In some cases, one or more folders appear that contain the name of the file that the user intended to save, but with additional random characters appended to the end. For example, if the document was named Test1.docx, then Test1.docx is deleted, and a folder named may appear. This issue only affects macOS.
  • Cause: The problem is rare, but when it occurs it is usually when saving large documents over a slow to moderate network connection. It also occurs more readily if several save commands are sent in rapid succession, followed by immediately closing Word or Excel without delay.
  • Resolution: If you lose a file as a result of this issue, contact and include the full folder path and name of the file you need to recover. UCB Files may have a previous version of the document in its snapshots. However, recent edits to the file may be lost.

OIT is actively investigating the root cause with our vendors to prevent this issue from occurring in the future under any circumstances.