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Technology Equipped Classrooms


OIT maintains and supports over 300 technology equipped teaching and learning spaces. Each supported classroom and lecture hall contains at minimum a video projection unit (LCD screen or data projector), and UCB Wireless network coverage. Classroom sizes range from 12 to 491 seats.

All classrooms are equipped with the following features:

  • Data projectors and projection screens or LCD/TV monitors
  • Audio Systems (standard microphone systems are only in larger spaces)
  • Some spaces are equipped with Classroom Capture technology
  • Most spaces are equipped with hybrid capable technology

*Note: OIT no longer provides or delivers VCR players. Please utilize the University Libraries Media Conversion Services or an external service to convert VHS tapes to a digital format.

OIT also provides consultation, design, integration, installation, maintenance and support of A/V systems, as well as A/V equipment rental and A/V support for rooms not included in our classrooms list. Learn more about A/V Auxiliary Services.


Support for RAP and centrally scheduled, technology equipped classrooms is provided as a common-good to the campus, which means there is no direct cost to you or your department for support in those spaces during normal business hours.


Who can get it

This service is available to Faculty, Staff and affiliates on the CU Boulder campus.

Connecting to Zoom in Lecture Halls

Need help connecting to Zoom in a lecture hall to make sure remote students can see your lecture slides? Click to watch the videos below for a step-by-step video of how to Connect to Zoom in Lecture Halls, or an example of the process within a Classroom Capture recording.

how to connect to zoom while in lecture hall video

example video of connecting to Zoom in lecture hall


If you're in an OIT-supported classroom and have an issue with technology, submit the Classroom Technology Problem Reporting form or call the IT Service Center at 303 735-4357 to request OIT classroom support. Please note that to receive priority queueing with the IT Service Center, you must dial 5-4357 from an in-classroom phone. Classrooms are supported from 7:30am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday. 

*Note: OIT does not issue adapters for technology equipped classrooms. OIT will assist, but after the first request for assistance, an adapter should be procured.

Learning Spaces Technology

OIT’s Learning Spaces Technology (LST) team provides support for technology equipped classrooms, as well as defining, revisiting, and revising technology standards for teaching and learning spaces. LST also supports:


Instructions / Tutorials