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Canvas Data - Course Access Report

What is the Course Access Report?

The Course Access Report allows Instructors and TAs to view a summary of a user's participation in their course.

How do I access the Course Access Report?

To access the course access report navigate to People tab. Then either search or scroll until you find the student. Click the user's Options icon, the three vertical dots, and select User Details. On the following screen click the Access Report link or button.

For more information, including screenshots and an icon legend please refer to Canvas' documentation: How do I view the course access report for an individual user?

What is a Participation?

Canvas defines a participation as the following:

  • Posts a new comment to an announcement
  • Submits an assignment
  • Loads a collaboration
  • Joins a web conference
  • Posts a new comment to a discussion
  • Creates a Page
  • Starts taking a quiz
  • Submits a quiz

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