Legacy Web Publishing Directory Support

Last Updated: 04/03/2017

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About This Form

This form is intended to support websites on the Legacy Web Publishing system (accessed through spot.colorado.edu or rintintin.colorado.edu). You may use this form to:

  • Find out the owner of a legacy web directory
  • Request changes in access to existing legacy web directories
  • Report problems with existing legacy web directories
  • Add a new subdirectory to an existing legacy web directory
  • Remove existing legacy web directories

Other Web Services

Learn about recommended CU Boulder Web Services, including: 

  • Web Express: The recommended web publishing system for branded university sites. For support, please contact websupport@colorado.edu.
  • Web Application Hosting: This form does not provide support for websites and applications hosted by OIT's Shared Infrastructure Service (typically websites that have a servername.colorado.edu web address). For support, please contact trouble@colorado.edu.

Legacy Web Directory Support Form

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