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Canvas Data - Quiz Logs

What are Quiz Logs?

Every quiz attempt by every student is captured in the quiz logs and available to all instructors in the course. You can use this tool to investigate any problems that a student may have during the quiz. Note: Quiz logs are available for six months.

How do I access Quiz Logs?

To open a student's quiz log first open the quiz you'd like to see the log of. On the quiz overview screen click the Options menu, the three vertical dots next to the Edit button, and select Show Student Quiz Results. In the pop-up menu, locate then click the name of the student. On the quiz results page, click the blue View Log link.

For more information, including screenshots please refer to the Canvas support document: 
How do I view a quiz log for a student?

What Information is Available in a Quiz Log?

When the student started the attempt. 

When the student viewed a question.

  • Note: Displays when a student is active on the quiz page, but has not answered a particular question.

When the student answered a question:

  • Note: Displays when a student has answered a particular question. If a question is shown as being answered multiple times, the student either changed their answer(s), or the answer was generated by the quiz autosave feature (i.e, the student scrolled past the question and Canvas "saved" their non-response).

When the student stopped viewing the Canvas quiz-taking page:

  • Note: Displays when a student navigates away from the quiz (e.g., closes the browser tab/window, opens a new browser tab, or navigates to a different program, etc.)
  • Note: The quiz log will not show what the student navigated to, only that they navigated away from the quiz page.

To view responses to a question, click the link to the quiz question number. You can view the number of times the question was answered, as well as each specific attempt at answering it. The quiz log will show a "null" or "no answer" response for autosaved answer attempts (i.e., scrolling past the question without answering it).

  • Note: The log may show all questions as being answered at the beginning of the quiz. This is generated by the autosave feature within Canvas quizzes. If a student skips a question to answer another question the quiz will autosave all the questions skipped and show them as being answered with a "null" or "no answer" response.

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