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Systems Engineering - FAQ

General FAQ

Who are Systems Engineering (SE)?

Team of seventeen full time employees with average of 16 years experience per FTE. Systems Engineering (formerly Shared Infrastructure Services) also includes a rapid response student staff.

Who does SE support?

SE supports over 60 departments, colleges, institutions, and research groups on campus. The systems and environments we support range in size from large-scale enterprise-class services to single-application servers.

What services does Systems Engineering provide?

Visit the SE Service Offerings page for full service descriptions.

What is System Engineering's pricing?

See our Pricing page for the most up-to-date pricing information.

What are the advantages of using SE for my IT support?

Don't need to worry about your IT administration needs so you can focus on your work. You should not need to worry about questions such as "Is my server up?", "Is my server safe and secure?", "Why is my server not performing as I expect?" Leave these questions to Shared Infrastructure Services so you can focus on your day-to-day business operations whether that is teaching, research, administration, advising, etc.

Systems Engineering is integrated closely with the Office of Information Security and ensures all managed systems meet the changing campus IT security requirements.

Mitigate the risk to the IT professionals. You do not want to completely assume the risk of running your own environment and protect against hacks, data compromises, security holes, viruses, and the ramifications associated with them.

How do I contact SE?

Call the IT Service Center: 303-735-4357 or email and ask for Systems Engineering.

Can I request escalated access?

Yes, visit the Requesting Escalated Access page for more information or email for assistance.

What are maintenance windows and why are they required?

While SE offers a highly available and redundant infrastructure, there will be times when a maintenance period is required. A maintenance period is defined as a scheduled period of time during which planned outages and changes to production  services and systems may occur. This is necessary to ensure the continuing availability, security and integrity of the complex IT infrastructure and services SE offers and supports. Visit the Maintenance Windows page for more information on when these periods are scheduled.