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DDS - Moving to Dedicated Desktop Support

Moving to Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS) requires departmental leadership and individual involvement throughout the process. The full transition to DDS can take a few weeks up to several months depending on the department’s size, complexity of systems, and individual participation levels, but generally follows the same process.

Exploratory Meetings 

Before starting work on the transition, leaders from the interested department and representatives from OIT’s DDS group will meet to discuss all aspects of the service, department specifics, and possible timelines. We will go through the DDS Transition Readiness Checklist as well as discuss the specific technical needs of the department. After agreeing to move forward, DDS and the department will set a schedule to continue the process.

Phase 1: Information Exchange and Initiation of Reactive Support

During Phase 1 DDS will discuss the support approach, establish dates and plans, and explain end goals to the department. Our team will also work to identify any other departmental technology needs that could benefit from a centrally managed approach. Even at this very early stage, OIT’s DDS provides support to the whole department, but is still learning about workflow and individual needs.

Phase 2: Reimagining and Transition to Proactive Support

At this point, DDS works hard to efficiently set up and connect all departmental computers to management systems. Once this is done, DDS will continue to tweak and troubleshoot as necessary, and users will begin experiencing the non-intrusive, proactive management that makes everything seamless and satisfying.

Phase 3: Ongoing Proactive Support

Phase 3 sees the transition completed. At this stage the department continues its working relationship with DDS and the Promise of Service and Service Level Agreements apply.