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Multi-Function Device Contract


The multi-function device (MFD) contract allows departments to rent multifunction devices (MFDs) which provide copy, print, scanning and faxing services, all in one machine. The benefits include paying for only what you use, reduction of your imaging footprint and device management, and increased information security. Learn more at the Procurement Service Center's How to Rent Copiers (Multi-Function Devices) site .

Costs and Maintenance

  • The contracts are structured so that you only pay for what you use.
  • The Procurement Services Center (PSC) has estimated some departments could expect to save 60 percent over the life of a contract.
  • Supplies, maintenance and repairs are covered throughout the life of the contract.

Resource Conservation

  • The contracts include Energy Star rated MFDs that feature a factory-set default to print double-sided.
  • MFDs will print on high recycled content papers.
  • Consolidating all your department’s imaging needs to just a few devices will greatly reduce your imaging device footprint and need for consumables.

Support during COVID-19

All Xerox support activity has ceased on the campus at this time. If you require support or supplies, please contact xerox support directly for support via phone or chat. Xerox will reevaluate service on campus in the coming months.

Security Features

  • Secure print release for confidential documents.
    • Allows you to send a print job to the MFD, but not have that job print until you enter your credentials/pin on the control panel of the device.
  • Includes secure destruction of data on the device’s hard-drive.
    • Similar to a computer, many printers/copiers save a digital version of documents onto internal hard drives, which poses a security risk to sensitive data and can lead to compromise of confidential information or even identity theft.
  • An MFD with scanning will allow secure scanning of receipts required by the university’s expense system.

More information about the new contracts is available on the PSC website How to Rent Copiers (Multi-Function Devices).