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Legacy Web Publishing - Spot and Rintintin Personal Sites

About the Merge and Migration

In 2018, the and servers were merged into a single new RedHat server named The names spot and rintintin were moved to the new server, so they can still be used for reference.

As we combined multiple servers into one, data and websites that existed on spot and rintintin were combined into a single home directory on, with spot taking precedence. Any data and websites on rintintin were moved to a subdirectory in the home directory, but only if you responded to the survey sent at the time of migration (November 2018).

Since the migration, all of the following urls will show the website that existed on spot before the migration ("username" is the username of your account on spot):

Identikey passwords are now used to login to the new server and the server will be accessible via ssh as,, or Accounts no longer in use have been removed.

Additional Resources

Visit the Help Guide for connection instructions and more.