Legacy Web Publishing - Spot and Rintintin Personal Sites

Last Updated: 05/22/2019

Spot and Rintintin Merge and Migration

The servers known as spot.colorado.edu and rintintin.colorado.edu are going to be merged into a single new RedHat server named oit-web01.colorado.edu on November 27. The names spot and rintintin will be moved to the new server, so they can still be used to reference it after the merge. If you own an account on spot or rintintin, you will receive an email with a link to a survey within which you must indicate whether you want your account(s) to be migrated to this new server. Note: If you do not respond, we will assume your answer is "No" and remove your accounts and data on spot and rintintin. Read more about it below.

About the Merge and Migration

As we are combining multiple servers into one, your data and websites that may exist on spot and rintintin will be combined into a single home directory for you on oit-web01.colorado.edu, with spot taking precedence. Any data and websites you have on rintintin will be moved to a subdirectory in your home directory, but only if you respond to the survey.

Any website you have on spot will be the default. After the migration, all of the following urls will show the website that existed on spot before the migration ("username" is the username of your account on spot):


After the merge on November 27, identikey passwords will be used to login to the new server and the server will be accessible via ssh as spot.colorado.edu, rintintin.colorado.edu, or oit-web01.colorado.edu. Accounts that are no longer in use will be removed.

Additional Resources

Visit the Help Guide for connection instructions and more.