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Telephone Service

  Transition to Teams Calls

OIT has transitioned most of campus from Cisco VoIP phone service to Microsoft Teams Calls. This solution better addresses the demands of hybrid and remote work environments, while leveraging software already in use on campus.

The Voice/Data Service Request form

For all voice/data requests, including for new services, changing services, long distance calling, liaison information updates and more, visit the Voice/Data Service Request Form.

Voice/Data Service Request

Who can get it

Telephone service (using Cisco VoIP phones) is available for faculty and staff in university buildings and offices.

Students are encouraged to bring a cell phone to campus. Basic land line phone service is not included in room and board for the residence halls and Bear Creek apartments. However, a telephone land line connection can be activated in your room for a non-refundable fee of $500 for the academic year. Contact Occupancy Management (303-492-6673) for requests or questions regarding land line connection activation.

How to get it

Faculty and staff

  • Contact your telecommunications liaison to order telephones, service and accessories.
  • Faculty and staff can pick out the Phones and Accessories they want and then contact their Liaison. Please keep in mind that long-distance authorization codes are not available to faculty and staff for personal use. In these instances, a third-party calling card will need to be obtained.
  • OIT offers the Jack/Port lookup tool in order for you to find which jacks in your office are available or in use. That information can be imported into a service request in order to activate or change jack status.

Telecommunication Liaisons

  1. Go to the Voice/Data Service Request Form.
  2. Login in with your information and your IdentiKey.
  3. Follow the on-screen menus to add, modify, or remove services.
  4. If you need assistance, call 5-3333.


The following rates are for wired voice & data networking, up to a maximum of six (6) locations in a single project:  

  • New voice/data service location including new IT cable pathway is not to exceed $360 per jack.
  • Adding a new jack to an existing service location with available capacity is not to exceed $200 per jack.
  • Removal/demo of a voice/data service location (including the outlet, cabling, and faceplate) varies between $80 and $140 per location depending on whether IT cable pathway is also being removed.

Note: These rates do not reflect potential charges related to unforeseen work due to asbestos abatement or EH&S charges.

Review our Telephone Service FAQ for more information about cost, installation and more.


Training & Consulting

For more help using Cisco VoIP phones, use OIT's Cisco VoIP page.

For other assistance with phones, contact the IT Service Center.