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CUClickers - How to Onboard your Students

The use of iClicker for engagement or attendance requires you spend time onboarding your students. Understanding how the system works and why you are using it is vital to your and your students’ success. Devoting class time over the first few days of class can make all the difference.

Here are the steps you should follow to be successful.

  1. Focus on how you will use iClicker for interactive activities. While you could use iClicker solely to take attendance, it works best if you challenge yourself and your students frequently with questions that reinforce their learning in your course. 
  2. If you wish to use iClickers for attendance only, please refer to our tutorial on using the iClicker attendance feature.
  3. Explain to students how to access their CU-provisioned iClicker accounts
  4. Explain how to set the iClicker classroom frequency code, and how the iClicker remote works.
  5. If you plan to permit mobile device polling, talk to your students about wireless issues and how they can affect their use of mobile devices when polling in class
  6. Tell students they should turn their wifi off, and then on again, before they try to use iClicker on a mobile device. This should be done every single day.
  7. Students who don’t see your class are either trying to access it with a secondary (non-CU sponsored) account, or have just set up their account. To add them, you simply need to sync your roster again.
  8. Remind students they need to get a green light confirming their vote (if using physical clickers) or a message stating their answer has been recorded (if using a mobile device).