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With VoiceThread, people can have asynchronous group conversations around images, documents, videos and presentations they upload to the site. Once a user shares a VoiceThread, others can comment on it verbally (with a microphone or telephone), with text, by uploading an audio file or by recording a video with their webcam. Additionally, others can review the comments and see who made them.


  • People can virtually collaborate and converse about the media uploaded to VoiceThread.
  • Comments can be added several ways: voice (with a microphone or telephone); text; audio file; and video (via a webcam).
  • VoiceThreads can be shared with others so they can record comments.
  • Users can doodle while commenting, use multiple identities and pick which comments are shown through moderation.
  • VoiceThreads can be embedded to show and receive comments on other websites such as Canvas and exported to play as archival mp4s.

CU Boulder offers a campus wide license of VoiceThread. Go to the Voicethread Website to log in. 


CU Boulder has a campus wide license of VoiceThread. VoiceThread is a common-good service for the campus, which means there is no direct cost to an individual or department.


Who can get it

CU Boulder’s VoiceThread technology is available to all CU Boulder affiliates with an active IdentiKey.

How to get it

  • Using Firefox or Chrome, log in to VoiceThread (learn more about VoiceThread’s browser requirements).
  • You will be directed to CU Boulder's VoiceThread login page.
  • Login with your IdentiKey and follow any on-screen steps, such as agreeing to Terms of Use and confirming your Digital ID Card.
  • When you log in to VoiceThread for the first time as a new user, you will automatically receive a Basic VoiceThread account. If you are an instructor of a course at CU, you are eligible to receive a free upgrade to a Pro account with expanded permissions, such as unlimited VoiceThreads and the ability to create Groups. To request an upgrade, please fill out the Request a Pro Account form.
    • Before you submit: Please verify that you have a VoiceThread account at CU by logging in to VoiceThread with your IdentiKey username and password.

Mobile App

Download the VoiceThread mobile app from the app store for iOS or Android, and then sign in following the steps in the VoiceThread sign-in guide. When searching for your institution, enter "University of Colorado Boulder."

VoiceThread User Guides

To learn about the capabilities of VoiceThread including how to create, comment on, and share a VoiceThread, please visit one of the following guides depending on your affiliation:


In addition to the documentation provided here, you will find a comprehensive list of tutorials on VoiceThread's Support Site. Look in the "Web Application" category.

VoiceThread also hosts periodic online workshops. You can view and sign up for a workshop on Voicethread's website.


VoiceThread Accessibility

CU Boulder is committed to providing help information and assistance with campus services for all users, including those with accessibility concerns. VoiceThread accessibility considerations, information for content creators, alternatives/workarounds, and more can be found on the VoiceThread Accessibility page.

Student Data & OIT Services

A variety of data types are utilized by the University of Colorado in order to facilitate the academic experience and advance the success of the student body. In an effort to promote good digital citizenship, CU Boulder has created a resource for our student and faculty communities to better understand how personal data from our students is used within OIT’s services and tools.