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Wireless Internet - FAQ

General FAQ

What areas of campus have wireless?

Wireless is available throughout the vast majority of the CU Boulder campus.

What is an SSID?

SSID stands for Service Set Identity/Identifier. It is a name that represents which wireless network a user is attached to. This is also called the "Network Name" by some vendors.

What SSID should I use?
  • Faculty, staff, and students with an 802.1X capable devices (most modern devices) should use eduroam.
  • Campus visitors whose institution does not participate in eduroam, should use UCB Guest.
  • Faculty, staff, and students with older devices should use UCB Wireless.
Do other devices interfere with wireless?

Yes, any 2.4GHz or 5GHz device that is near the wireless access point or wireless card can affect performance and may negatively impact your wireless connection. These devices are usually microwave ovens in close range, cordless phones, cameras and other 2.4GHz wireless devices. A non-University of Colorado access point can interfere with the CU wireless network, so it is necessary to coordinate with OIT if you wish to set up a wireless access point. Deployment or installation of your own Wi-Fi access point is prohibited.

Is wireless bad for my health?

Testing done on wireless network devices indicates no confirmed health risks at this time. You should read the health information provided by your wireless card manufacturer and follow their recommendations.

If you are interested in additional information, the FCC has a detailed Wireless Devices and Health Concerns article.

What campus network should I be using?


Who should use?Resource AccessReauthentication
Faculty, staff, students and visitors from institutions participating in eduroamAll protocols are open to campus and Internet*Once yearly

UCB Wireless

Who should use?Resource AccessReauthentication
Users with devices that do not support 802.1x encryption (most modern devices support 802.1x)Most protocols and Internet. File sharing restricted protocols (i.e. CIFS, NetBIOS) will be blocked in near future.Once yearly**


Who should use?Resource AccessReauthentication
Faculty, staff, and studentsAll protocols are open to campus and Internet*24 hours

UCB Guest

Who should use?Resource AccessReauthentication
Should be used by Guests visiting campus that need basic webLimited protocols (web,email,ssh)24 hours

* Some protocol restrictions may occur due to security incidents   
** Exceptions can be created by the IT Service Center for Faculty/Staff or departmental devices needing longer term port exceptions with yearly renewals.

Can I print from a wireless device?

Yes, students can print from a wireless device using any wepa printer. See the Student Printing and Scanning page for more information. Many departments also have printers for faculty and staff use.