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Lecture Capture

Project Summary

As a part of the move to emergency remote teaching and learning, OIT increased the number of classrooms with lecture capture technology. Expanded access to lecture capture technology presents an opportunity to explore expanding its use on campus. This project aims to gather student and faculty sentiment regarding increasing automated lecture capture technology in CU Boulder courses. Project analysis will include a literature and peer review of best practices, paired with survey, interview and focus group data collected from faculty and students.


In order to better understand the shifting role of lecture capture technology within higher education, the ATI team will begin preliminary research to inform this project by conducting a literature review of the most up to date academic literature on the subject area as well as conducting a peer review of AAU institutions to gather general best practices and concerns of lecture capture in the post-pandemic setting. Using the findings from these two sources, ATI will develop separate surveys to gather information and perspectives from students and faculty - both from users and non-users of the academic tool. Further analysis will be conducted by organizing faculty interviews as well as student focus groups to solicit more in depth responses and greater understanding of community concerns and sentiment. Findings will be shared in a report available to CU Boulder leadership before the Fall 2022 semester to guide evidence-based decision making.


Results are expected to be available during summer 2022. Check back later for ATI’s findings.

Project Participants

Team and Partners
  • AT Initiatives Team: Conor Canaday, Alyssa Strickler
  • AT Applications: Nick Steinkamp 
  • LST: Julian Kinsman 
  • Student Success Analytics Team: Shane Schwikert