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Canvas - Automatic Course Creation

Improvements are coming to the Canvas course creation process!

Starting this summer for Fall 2024 courses, instructors will no longer need to log into MyCUInfo to request that their academic courses be created in Canvas, saving valuable time and ensuring that Canvas courses are always available for use prior to the start of the semester.

These courses will be created in an “unpublished” state by default, and will not be visible to students until instructors publish them. Instructors will still request changes to course cross-listing via MyCUInfo.

Frequently asked questions about Automatic Course Creation

Which courses will be automatically created in Canvas?

Only official academic courses from the class schedule will be automatically created in Canvas, including the following course types:

  • STU - Studio
  • INT - Internship
  • PRA - Practicum
  • CLN - Clinical
  • FLD - Field Studies
  • WKS - Workshop
  • SEM - Seminar
  • LEC - Lecture
  • LAB - Lab
  • MLS - Main Lab Section
  • REC - Recitation
What if my course wasn’t automatically created? Can I still use Canvas?

Absolutely! If your academic course was not automatically created in Canvas, you can still request a Canvas course shell by following the Canvas - Create a Course tutorial.

If you would like to request a non-academic community course in Canvas, please submit the Community Course request form.

 What if I don’t want to use Canvas for my courses?

While OIT recommends the use of Canvas for all academic courses, you still have the option to not do so. Automatically created Canvas courses are set to “unpublished” by default, and will not be visible to students until published.

When will courses start being automatically created in Canvas each semester?

The schedule for automatic course creation in Canvas each semester is as follows:

  • Spring: September 28
  • Summer: January 29
  • Fall: March 29

Please note: the initial launch of automatic course creation will be this summer, for Fall 2024 courses. 

 Will new courses still be automatically created in Canvas after the start of the semester?

Courses will no longer be automatically created for the current semester after the term has started. This is to ensure that changes made to live courses after students have begun accessing them in Canvas are managed correctly.

 What happens if I created my course before it was automatically created?

Nothing! Automatic Course Creation will never make any changes to an existing Canvas course, so if you requested your courses prior to the launch of the service, those courses will not be affected by Automatic Course Creation.

 How do I request changes to my Canvas course?

The process for requesting changes to Canvas courses is not being changed by the launch of Automatic Course Creation. To request changes to your course, such as section cross-listing, etc., please reference the Canvas - Request Course Changes Tutorial.

 How can I see a list of all my Canvas courses? I’m only seeing 20 courses on the dashboard.

To see the full list of your courses in Canvas, please follow the Canvas Guide on viewing all courses as an instructor

 Can I hide courses from my Canvas dashboard that I do not plan to use?

Yes! For instructions on how to do so, please see the Canvas Guide on customizing your course list as an instructor.