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Accounts - Secondary Accounts

Shared Departmental Group accounts are usually used for generic email addresses, departments, clubs, and managing websites. The Identity Manager tool calls these accounts "secondary accounts."

Request a Secondary Account

  • An account must be requested by a faculty or a staff member currently affiliated with CU Boulder. If the account is being requested for a student group, that group must be affiliated with the Center for Student Involvement and requests must come from them. Otherwise, requests for secondary accounts can be made by filling out the Secondary Mailbox Request form on the Messaging and Collaboration Request Portal (please note: you must be on campus or using VPN to access the portal). Usernames can be specified, if the ID is not currently in use. Requested user names can be up 20 characters in length, but numbers, spaces, and punctuation marks cannot be used.
  • To request a Secondary Account for a Student Employee (EXC account), fill out the Student Employee Account Request Form on the Messaging and Collaboration Request Portal (please note: you must be on campus or using VPN to access the portal).


Email and Calendar Service

What is it:

  • An email address and a collaborative calendar service.

How to access it:

  • You'll use the secondary IdentiKey account to log in.


To set how your outgoing email address is displayed, create alternate addresses, and adjust where your email is delivered to please contact the IT Service Center.


What is it:

  • An IdentiKey consists of an IdentiKey username and a unique password, and is used to authenticate to various computing services at CU Boulder.
  • Secondary IdentiKey accounts do not have the same access privileges that primary user IdentiKeys do, like MyCUInfo.
  • In most instances, secondary IdentiKey accounts are only used to access departmental/club email accounts and websites.

Who owns and activates it:

  • A secondary account can be owned by CU Boulder faculty or staff. Secondary accounts for student groups are owned by the Center for Student Involvement

Activation and Management:

  • To activate a secondary account, the primary account holder must log into IdentiKey Manager with their own credentials.
  • Once the secondary account is activated, log in to IdentiKey Manager with your secondary account IdentiKey username and password to perform account adjustments.