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Systems Engineering - Support Definitions and Response Time

Support Definitions

System Administration

Includes event, request and problem management in the areas of:

  • Database Administration
  • Storage Administration
  • Cloud Administration
  • Logging, Monitoring, and Trending Administration
  • Security monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Anti-Virus/Malware Scanning
  • Installed application administration/support
  • Account management
  • Hardware diagnostics (if physical)

System Management does not include*

  • Substantial system changes
  • Significant (new) application installations
  • Incidents as a result of customer misconfiguration/administration
  • Software and/or hardware training

*Please note: Consulting fees may apply to these services.

Incident response

Includes incident identification, logging, categorization, prioritization, troubleshooting and resolution.

*Please note: Consulting fees may apply to these services.

Response Categories

Systems Engineering (SE) provides up to 24x7 monitoring of systems and critical services. Out of hours outages are communicated via email and/or through the OIT Service Alert Portal.

Category Definition

Severity 1

High Priority

A critical service, system, infrastructure component, function, or major application is under outage or imminent outage or is severely impaired causing a critical impact on the delivery of the service and no work around options are available.  Example includes hardware or software or database failure resulting in a 24x7 supported web service being down.

Response within 1 hour**

Severity 2

Medium Priority

A critical service, system or function breakdown which causes serious impact to any user.  Impact on production or real time customer service without a total loss of service capabilities or an incident not yet Severity 1 but may lead to a potential Severity 1.

Example includes a single user locked out of a MSSQL database, perhaps for entering incorrect credentials too many times, during a business critical time.

Response from an administrator within 4 business hours**

Severity 3

Low Priority

A service, system, or function is degraded, unusable, or not operating as expected but does not interfere with the delivery of the service and/or a work around is available.

Example the report of a portion of an application not functioning as expected though the primary service and majority of the functions are still available to the customer and an alternative workaround is available

Response from an administrator within 8 business hours**

** A response is an acknowledgment of the incident and not a time to resolution.

Response to Requests

OIT Systems Engineering is committed to respond to regular customer requests within 8 business hours of receipt.