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OIT Cloud Applications

What are Cloud Applications?

OIT now offers select application titles virtually. These applications can be accessed from anywhere and can be accessed from any device via a web browser. The applications will not rely on your own device’s hardware resources and instead use resources from the cloud. A stable network connection is required to access these application titles.  

How to get it

Using a product called Apporto, students and instructors can access cloud-based applications for their classes and coursework. Apporto allows instructors to link to the application in their Canvas courses to streamline the process for students. See the how-to videos below to learn how to access these applications.

Students who require commonly used applications (please see list below) who do not have access to applications through Canvas can access them directly through the CU Boulder Apporto login page. Any CU Boulder student with an IdentiKey account can access the applications listed below. As virtual resources are limited, this service is provided on a first-come-first serve basis.

Available Applications

The following application titles are available through Apporto.  

Applications accessible through Canvas courses:

  • AGi32
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • Alteryx
  • QGIS

Applications accessible to all Students:

  • ChemDraw
  • Microsoft Office (Windows version)
  • RStudio

How-to Videos

Request new cloud application:  

If you don’t see an application you require in the list above, please fill out the Request a new cloud application form.


Having an issue with Apporto? Please fill out the Report a problem form for assistance.