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Canvas - Canvas Data

What Canvas Data is available to an Instructor?

As a Canvas instructor you have access to several sets of data, both about your course content itself and about your students' activities therein.

Outlined in each section below are the different data sets, with specific information about how to access and then interpret each one.

If you have any questions about how to access a given data set, or how to interpret the data don't hesitate to contact the IT Service Center by email at or by phone at 303-735-4357.

New Analytics

New Analytics allows instructors to track and analyze what students, observers, and/or designers are doing with the course.

With New Analytics, you will be able to view and compare the average course grade, view and compare the average weekly online participation analytics, send a message to all or individual students based on specific criteria, view course grade and participation analytics for individual students, and download various CSV reports.

For more information about New Analytics, including how to access within your course please read our New Analytics guide.

Course Access Report

When you need more information about a specific user's course activities, use the Course Access Report.

The Course Access Report shows a summary of a user's participation in your course. It includes the content that the user has viewed, the number of times that the user has viewed the content, the number of times the user has participated, if applicable, and the last time the user viewed the content.

For more information about the Course Access Report, including how to access, please read our Course Access Report guide.

Interactions Report

Within the Interactions Report, you will find a summary of your "interactions" with an individual student.

You will be able to see the last time you interacted with the student, the current grade for the student, the final grade for the student, and if there are any submitted but ungraded assignments for the student.

For more information about the Interactions Report, including how to access, please read our Interactions Report guide.

Quiz Logs

Canvas captures every quiz attempt within a course and summaries, or logs, of these attempts are available to any instructor in the course.

Quiz logs will display when the student start the quiz attempt, when the student viewed a question, when the student answered a question, when the student stopped viewing the quiz-taking page, and when the student has returned to the quiz.

For more information about Quiz Logs, including how to access, please read our Quiz Logs guide.