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Hybrid Work Recommendations - Your Files

Your Files, Secure and Accessible

Using OIT's recommended cloud storage options will give you the peace of mind that your files are backed up and secure. If you're working in a hybrid work environment, it also provides seamless access across your devices. The guidance below covers how to approach your file management, storage, and access.

OIT's Recommendations

Use OneDrive to Store

OIT recommends that CU Boulder employees use OneDrive cloud storage to store their work files. OneDrive works on PCs, Macs, and mobiles devices.

Use OneDrive to Share

Share files with your colleagues inside and outside of CU Boulder using the OneDrive share feature.

Limit Your Use of Google Drive

OIT no longer recommends using Google Drive for storage due to upcoming storage limitations announced recently by Google. 

Classify Your Data

Use the Office of Information Security's data classification guide to learn if your files contain public, confidential, or highly confidential data.

Your Objectives

I need to better understand whether my data is Public, Confidential or Highly Confidential so that I know where I should store my files.

The Office of Information Security provides guidance on classifying data as public, confidential, or highly confidential. Visit the Office of Information Security's Data Classification webpage to read the guidance.

How do I determine which data storage applications are appropriate for Public, Confidential and Highly Confidential data, so that I store files according to CU policy.

OIT provides guidance on data storage applications that are appropriate for public, confidential, and highly confidential data. Review the guidance on the File Transfer, Storage, and Infrastructure page.

I need a method to make certain documents available and searchable to “approved users”, so that I can share our process documents with non-CU employees.

OIT recommends establishing an Office 365 Sharepoint team site for internal credentialed data storage. For this team site, you can grant access to anyone inside or outside of CU Boulder. It is an internal site. The team site has file repository that is searchable.

As a Director, I need to make our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) available on our public website but only to “approved” or “allowed” users who are not affiliated with CU.

OIT recommends hosting files in a OneDrive folder and linking to the documents from the public website. In this folder you can set permissions so that files are individually granted to specific users (even those outside of CU Boulder) or set to all users with an IdentiKey (UCB-O365, see screenshot, right) access to the document.