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CUClickers Help - Student Resources

Using iClicker Student App

The iClicker Student App (formerly iClicker Reef) is software students can use to review clicker questions and answers, as well as vote in a remote learning environment. For hybrid learning, students can use the iClicker Student App on their mobile device or computer. For in-person learning, students should use an iClicker remote.

Sharing iClicker Remotes

You can share an iClicker remote with another student as long as you are not attending the same section of a class.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • At the start of the semester, make sure you log out of the iClicker student app on all your devices. Log back in using the school portal.
  • Use UCB Wireless or Eduroam, rather than UCB Guest when using the iClicker app.
  • Disconnect and reconnect to the wifi upon arrival to the room.  You can do this quickly by turning airplane mode on, and then off again.
  • Put all devices except the one you are using for clickers (computers, tablets, phones, watches) into airplane mode for class.
  • If your instructor tells you there is a problem with your clicker grade, please reach out to the IT Service Center as soon as you can.

iClicker Study Tools

The iClicker Student App enables you to review questions, create flashcards, see your unedited clicker score, and quiz yourself on the material. Please review the How to Use Study Tools tutorial for more information.

iClicker Video Tutorials