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Consulting and Professional Services

Service Who May Get It Features
Academic Technology Design Team Faculty members and OIT Staff
  • Pilots of academic technology applications and learning spaces
  • Applied research into student and faculty technology use
  • Universal Design for Learning Consultations
  • Assistance with collection, analysis, and decision making based on academic technology data
  • One-on-one consulting for using academic technologies to improve learning
Accessibility and Usability Lab Faculty, Staff, Campus departments
  • Conduct audits, standard tests, and extensive tests of the accessibility of software and websites
  • Tests are facilitated with various hardware platforms and assistive technology tools.
  • Recommendations given based on actual user experience 
Architecture Review Board Staff, Campus departments
  • Ensures campus technology decisions align with IT best practices, campus standards, etc.
  • Reviews technical architecture associated with projects in the OIT project portfolio, as well as reviews of other campus initiatives
  • Assists with compliance in security, privacy and data storage requirements
Business Analysis and Solutions Architecture  Any campus Department
  • Analyzes and streamlines business processes
  • Develops efficient electronic procedures
  • Provides faculty and administration impact
  • Gain the ability to use your solution properly through training and documentation
Captioning Faculty, Staff, Students The Digital Accessibility Office captioning service provides information, consultation, and guidance for a broad-range of media and activities that may require captioning.
Data Center Colocation Faculty, Staff, and Affiliates
  • Professionally managed green Data Center for IT computing equipment belonging to various campus departments
  • Efficient cooling; UPS and generator backup
  • 24/7 restricted access
  • High-touch network services
Dedicated Desktop Support Any campus department, for a fee
  • Desktop Support has a guaranteed 4 hour response to our customers and strives to respond in 30 minutes.
  • Provides support for desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, printers, multifunction devices, and other personal computing devices.
  • Customers of Desktop Support are enrolled in a spare computer program. In the event of a hardware failure, employees will receive a spare computer until their computer repair and returned, minimizing productivity loss and downtime.
Learning Technology Consultants Faculty, Staff, Campus departments
  • Assist instructors with using campus-supported teaching and learning technologies
  • Off a variety of training sessions, as well as, customized consultations based on the needs of the user
Public Cloud Broker Faculty and Staff
  • Provides access to centrally managed cloud services (i.e. Amazon Web Services) for administrative, teaching & learning, and research needs.
Systems Engineering
(formerly Shared Infrastructure Services)
Anyone, for a fee
  • Full system administration support for Windows and Linux systems
  • Virtual infrastructure where you can "rent" servers as needed.
  • Full application support including Wiki support, Imaging support, Video Conferencing support, and classroom capture support.