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Consulting and Professional Services

Service Who May Get It Features
Academic Technology Consultants Faculty, Staff, Campus departments
  • Assist instructors with using campus-supported teaching and learning technologies
  • Off a variety of training sessions, as well as, customized consultations based on the needs of the user
Academic Technology Design Team Faculty members and OIT Staff
  • Pilots of academic technology applications and learning spaces
  • Applied research into student and faculty technology use
  • Universal Design for Learning Consultations
  • Assistance with collection, analysis, and decision making based on academic technology data
  • One-on-one consulting for using academic technologies to improve learning
Architecture Review Board Staff, Campus departments
  • Ensures campus technology decisions align with IT best practices, campus standards, etc.
  • Reviews technical architecture associated with projects in the OIT project portfolio, as well as reviews of other campus initiatives
  • Assists with compliance in security, privacy and data storage requirements
Captioning Faculty, Staff, Students The Digital Accessibility Office captioning service provides information, consultation, and guidance for a broad-range of media and activities that may require captioning.
Construction & Renovation Campus Departments Consulting, design, installation, and support during campus renovation and construction projects that have wired voice/data, Wi-Fi, or audiovisual elements.
Data Center Colocation Faculty, Staff, and Affiliates
  • Professionally managed green Data Center for IT computing equipment belonging to various campus departments
  • Efficient cooling; UPS and generator backup
  • 24/7 restricted access
  • High-touch network services
Dedicated Desktop Support Any campus department, for a fee
  • Desktop Support has a guaranteed 4 hour response to our customers and strives to respond in 30 minutes.
  • Provides support for desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, printers, multifunction devices, and other personal computing devices.
  • Customers of Desktop Support are enrolled in a spare computer program. In the event of a hardware failure, employees will receive a spare computer until their computer repair and returned, minimizing productivity loss and downtime.
Public Cloud Broker Faculty and Staff
  • Provides access to centrally managed cloud services (i.e. Amazon Web Services) for administrative, teaching & learning, and research needs.
Systems Engineering
(formerly Shared Infrastructure Services)
Anyone, for a fee
  • Full system administration support for Windows and Linux systems
  • Virtual infrastructure where you can "rent" servers as needed.
  • Full application support including Wiki support, Imaging support, Video Conferencing support, and classroom capture support.
User Experience Research & Design Team Campus departments The UX Design team works with CU Boulder units to improve the technology experiences of our students, faculty and staff. They conduct UX research and design solutions according to best practices and campus brand standards.