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VoiceThread - Instructor Guide

Accessing VoiceThread

Go to the VoiceThread Login page and enter your IdentiKey username and password to access the VoiceThread application.

VoiceThread is supported fully by the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. Learn more about VoiceThread browser requirements.

When you first sign into VoiceThread, you receive a Basic account if you are a student (create up to 200 VoiceThreads) and a Pro account if you are an instructor (with unlimited VoiceThreads and the ability to create groups). If you are teaching classes but didn't receive a Pro account for some reason, you can request a free upgrade. First, verify your account type by logging into VoiceThread, clicking your name in the upper right corner, and choosing "My Account." Then look for "Member Type" to see if you have a Basic or a Pro account. To request an upgrade to Pro as a course instructor, fill out the Request a Pro Account form.

Download the VoiceThread mobile app from the app store for iOS or Android, and then sign in following the steps in the VoiceThread sign-in guide. When searching for your institution, enter "University of Colorado Boulder."

Integrating VoiceThread with Canvas

Integrating VoiceThread into your Canvas course will allow you and your students to directly access VoiceThreads associated with your class without leaving the Canvas platform. This makes it considerably easier for students to access and share VoiceThreads, especially if you use the tool often. You can also create graded VoiceThread assignments within Canvas

For more information about how to integrate VoiceThread with your Canvas course, please refer to VoiceThread's Canvas Integration guide.

*Note: Students will not appear in the course in VoiceThread until they have clicked a VoiceThread external tool link in Canvas at least once. Users are automatically added to your VoiceThread course the first time they click this link in your Canvas course.

The next time you sign into VoiceThread, you can click the pull-out tab on the left to see your course.

Renaming your VoiceThread Course from Canvas

Simply rename your Canvas course and then click the VoiceThread link you already added to your Canvas course. The name in VoiceThread will be updated.

Reusing VoiceThreads Across Multiple Courses

Make a copy of any VoiceThreads you want to reuse across multiple courses or semesters. That way students from one course or semester won’t be commenting on the same VoiceThread as students from another course or semester. When copying, select the "Keep only my comments" option so that students' comments from the previous semester are deleted, but not yours.

If you use VoiceThread links in Canvas and you are copying course content from one Canvas course to another, there is no need to delete or recreate these links in the new course. You can simply copy the links over and then click any one of them in the new course to establish a new connection between that course and VoiceThread.

Additional Resources

For comprehensive guides on using VoiceThread, go to VoiceThread Support and click Web Application from the menu on the left.