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IdentiKey & Accounts

Accounts Based on Affiliation

If you're an HR representative, review the IdentiKey/Person of Interest (POI) FAQ.

Accounts and Authentication Methods

Active Directory (AD) Accounts

What is it:

  • An OIT Active Directory (AD) account's username and password is always the same as your IdentiKey username and password. It synchronizes automatically. So if you change your IdentiKey password, your AD password changes as well.
  • OIT Active Directory (AD) accounts are an authentication method used to access various OIT services, like OIT's Exchange service, OIT's file storage service, and Microsoft Windows profiles in OIT managed environments.
  • Often times, AD accounts are placed in AD groups managed by an administrator. Your membership of an AD group can sometimes determine your ability to access a service that uses AD authentication.

Who gets it:

  • Those that are accessing AD authenticated resources like OIT's Exchange service, OIT's file storage service, or work in an OIT managed environment.

When you get it:

  • Your account is ready for you if you ever start using a service like Exchange, file storage, or you're computer is part of an OIT managed environment.

Manage it:

  • AD accounts are automatically synchronized with IdentiKey accounts. The only way to change your AD password is to change your IdentiKey password, using Identity Manager.
  • If you are an in OIT managed environment, you cannot change your AD password via the CTL-ALT-DEL function at the login screen. Al AD, therefore IdentiKey, password changes have to be made in Identity Manager.
  • If you have questions about your AD account or your ability to access particular OIT services that use AD authentication, contact the IT Service Center.
Email and Calendar Service

CU Boulder faculty, staff, and students receive a CU Boulder email account, with a email address. Email is an official means of communication at CU Boulder. They also have access to calendar service.

Getting Started Instructions:

Learn more about using all of OIT's email and calendar services.


An IdentiKey consists of an IdentiKey username and an IdentiKey password. An IdentiKey gives you access to:

  • Buff Portal and MyCUInfo, the student, faculty and staff portals
  • CUConnect, the legacy portal that still contains some tools and features
  • Email services like Gmail and Microsoft Exchange 
  • Computers in OIT computing labs
  • UCB Wireless network
  • Canvas
  • SkillSoft computer based training
  • Managed with IdentiKey Manager

Learn more about IdentiKey, including when you get it and how to activate it.

PIN Numbers

OIT provisions a PIN (4-digit alphanumeric code) to students that do not provide Social Security Numbers to the university. This PIN is used in conjunction with other personal information to activate IdentiKey accounts in Identity Manager. Students receive their PIN via email from OIT to the email address listed with the Admission’s office. For PIN inquiries, contact the IT Service Center., and other OIT Unix based servers

Some CU Boulder faculty, staff, and students utilize legacy OIT servers such as and for web page hosting. Learn more about web hosting.