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Long Distance


Domestic and International long distance service is available to faculty and staff for business purposes at CU Boulder through OIT.


Review our Networking and Voice Service Rates information.

Who can get it

Faculty and staff making university-business related calls.

How to get it

Domestic long distance no longer requires an authorization code. 

Your Telecommunications Liaison can determine if you are authorized to make international calls and provide an authorization code. You can find out who your liaison is by going to the online telecommunication liaison lookup. Telecommunications liaisons should use the Voice/Data Services Request form to order international service.

Faculty and Staff will be given an authorization code to be used when placing international calls. Charges associated with long distance are completely covered by the University. While you will use your authorization code to make the call, you will not be responsible for the charges.

Dialing Instructions

Local in-state calls with an area code of (720) or (303):

  1. 8+Area Code+7-Digit Number 

Non-local Calls in US or Canada including (970) and (719):

  1. 8+1+Area Code+7-Digit Number

For International Calls (except Canada):

  1. Lift handset or press speaker soft key for dial tone
  2. Dial 8+011+Country Code (dial through tone)+(City Code)+Telephone Number
  3. Wait 4-6 seconds for Confirmation Tone
  4. Enter 7 digit Authorization Code and wait 4-6 seconds for line to connect


  1. Do not lift handset 
  2. Dial 8+011+Country Code+(City Code)+Telephone Number+#
  3. Lift the handset or press call button
  4. Wait for Confirmation Tone
  5. Enter 7 digit Authorization Code and wait 4-6 seconds for line to connect