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Office 365 - E-memo Regarding the Record Retention Policy

TO:    Boulder Campus Teaching & Research Faculty, Staff, Deans, Directors, Dept Chairs

FROM:    Office of the Chancellor, Office of the Provost

SENDER:    John Sleeman, University Counsel, Larry Levine, AVC for IT and CIO

DATE:    May 1, 2011

SUBJECT:    New Email/Calendaring Solution & the Record Retention Policy

Today many faculty and staff are using CULink as their email and calendaring solution. Beginning this spring semester, faculty and staff on CULink are being migrated to Microsoft Exchange, which is intended to enhance email functionality, reduce campus costs, and create easier and more productive scheduling. This migration period will run through the fall of 2011 and OIT and your CSR's (Computer Support Representatives) will work with you to accomplish the migration during times convenient to you.

The new email and calendaring solution will include many improvements, such as campuswide scheduling via the calendaring function, contact and directory data, task management, and 1 gigabyte (aka "a gig") of storage (the CULink initial storage allocation was 200 megabytes or one-fifth of "a gig"); hopefully making your research, teaching, administrative tasks, and communications easier.

Some of you forward your email address to a third-party provider (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.).  Once the new email and calendar solution is available to you, we are asking that you use the campus email and calendaring solution for all CU-related work.

The University Records Retention policy clarifies that faculty and staff utilize university-owned email accounts to conduct university-related business. This is in part because CU employees have legal obligations to maintain and/or produce electronic information in the event of a litigation or open records request. Additionally, making the most our new campuswide email solution rather than having an array of disparate non-CU accounts systemically benefits OIT everyone, as the new system will facilitate collaboration through better calendaring functionality, provide compatibility amongst departments, and minimize the potential loss of university data in the event that data is compromised.

All faculty and staff will be contacted by OIT, and OIT will work with your CSR, a process that has begun during this current semester, to assist you in migrating to Exchange. As this occurs, we ask that anyone using a non-CU email account while conducting university business, migrate that account to Microsoft Exchange. For those of you associated with some of the regional national laboratories and institutes with whom we have working relationships, arrangements have been made with them to use those labs and institutes as one’s email home (e.g. NOAA, NIST, NCAR, NREL). More information is available in an FAQ.

We recognize that some departments historically have managed their own Exchange server (or other mail servers). With this new campuswide solution in place, we encourage departments to reevaluate if it continues to make sense to manage email servers at a departmental level or if the campuswide Exchange solution fits OIT your departmental needs. If a department continues to manage their own email server, the department will need to certify, through the CU Boulder Office of Information Security (OIS), that e-discovery requirements are met.

If you feel that you are an exception and using any CU email account is unacceptable in fulfilling your teaching, research or administrative duties, please contact Larry Levine, associate vice chancellor for IT, (303) 492-4691.