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Accessibility and Usability Lab (AUL)

All student-oriented information and communication technology (ICT) systems launched by CU Boulder must be tested for accessibility. Testing can be done on campus by the Accessibility and Usability Lab (AUL).

Testing can also be done off campus by a vendor/supplier or a third-party consultant. All third-party testing must follow the standards approved by Dan Jones, CDAO (Chief Digital Accessibility Officer) and ICTARB (ICT Accessibility Review Board).

For more information about the Accessibility and Usability Lab and their methodology, visit the Digital Accessibility website


  • A staff of three full-time and part-time employees and four student workers
  • Staff includes blind and low vision testers who use screen readers and magnification tools. The lab has the capacity to test on six different hardware platforms and a variety of assistive technology tools.
  • Types of testing include quick reviews and in-depth tests of software and websites. 


There is no cost for AUL testing. 

How to get it

Contact the Accessibility and Usability Lab by emailing Most testing has a one month turnaround, but depends on lab load and tester availability.