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Faculty Computer Purchase Program - FAQ

What computer may I order? Do I have to order a recommended system?

Order from the FCPP standard model list. This is the list of standard models, which have been pre-approved for FCPP purchase. Items on the standard models list are evaluated and recommended by OIT, and the university has negotiated pricing agreements with these vendors. If you don’t see the model that you want in this list, it probably requires an ordering exception.


  • The computer model is considered standard, not the specific configuration. The suggested configurations in the standard models list are based on the campus recommended hardware list. Changing the configuration (for example, increasing the RAM) for any model in the standard models list does not require an exception request.
  • A manufacturer’s warranty of at least 3 years must be purchased with each FCPP computer.

We recognize that not every need will be met by standard models. To purchase a non-standard computer, be sure to obtain an exception before purchasing, to ensure that you will be able to obtain the reimbursement. Non-standard computers should still meet the current campus recommendations.

May I order other computing technology, such as monitors, printers, and software? May I order more than one device?

In general, no, the FCPP subsidy is intended for one single computer for each faculty member. The computer should meet or exceed minimum guidelines to ensure a useful life as an employee’s primary computer for 4 years.

Certain accessories, such as adapters, cables, docking stations, monitors, keyboards and mice, are eligible for FCPP funding if they are purchased as part of the computer from the same vendor. The same guidelines for purchasing a computer should be followed for these accessories, including obtaining an exception before purchasing if necessary.

Software is not normally eligible for FCPP funding, unless it is purchased as part of a computer system’s configuration. Please see the Site Licenses Software list for guidance on obtaining software.

Can you help me buy a computer?

If your department uses Dedicated Desktop Support services, we certainly can! Please consult with your area’s Dedicated Desktop Support contact for assistance selecting and ordering an FCPP computer.

Your department’s program coordinator may also be able to provide some purchasing assistance, and may be able to help guide you about your department’s computing standards.

How do I obtain an exception?

You should always obtain approval for an exception before purchasing a non-standard computer. See FCPP - Ordering Exception for details

How do I get the funds for my new computer?

Visit the Ordering and Reimbursement page.

In general, you will order your computer from the CU Marketplace, then fill out the request for reimbursement form. You will need to supply a purchase order number, or provide purchase receipts. We will reimburse $1,200 of the cost of your order.

What if the cost of the computer exceeds $1,200?

Since the FCPP subsidy’s maximum amount is $1,200, your department may contribute the difference if the computer costs more than the maximum. A SpeedType (university fund code) is required. Unfortunately, we cannot accept personal funds.

How do I know if I'm eligible for the program this year?

You will be notified by FCPP soon after the start of the new fiscal year, July 1. Please check with your department’s program coordinator if you have questions about your eligibility.

When can I order a computer through the Faculty Computer Purchase Program?

You can order your computer starting July 1. Ordering and reimbursement requests must be done by May 31.

What if I don't order a computer this year?

If you do not intend to purchase a computer this year (by May 31), please communicate to us as early as possible, so that we can offer your spot to someone else who may need it. Let us know if you wish to defer to next year or longer.

If we don’t hear from you, and you haven’t purchased a computer by May 31, we will assume that you do not need a computer this year, and you will be placed on next year’s eligibility list.

How does the University determine who is eligible for the program?

The following criteria must be met:

  • Faculty who are on a multi-year contract, funded with continuing budget (general fund).
  • One of the following job classifications: Tenured and tenure-track faculty, rostered instructors, and senior instructors. Note that this excludes Research Professors.
  • Faculty are eligible starting their fourth year.

The FCPP merit roster is distributed by OIT to the FCPP liaison for each school and department (usually the department’s program coordinator). The FCPP departmental liaisons determine each year’s eligibility list.

What support do I receive with my computer?

Computers are supported by your area’s desktop support group. Computers purchased using FCPP funds must have at least a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. For Apple computers, we recommend AppleCare. For Dell computers, we recommend ProSupport Plus warranty. 

What software will I receive with my computer?

See the Site Licenses Software list for details. At minimum, the latest version of Microsoft Windows or macOS, Microsoft Office, and antivirus software are available at no additional cost. Do not purchase these yourself. 

If you will use Windows on your computer, it must come with a version of Windows, which can be upgraded to our campus Enterprise version. visit the Microsoft Software Campus EES Agreement for more information. 

Please consult your area’s desktop support group with questions or to request software installation assistance.

What happens to the computer when I no longer need it?

The computer remains the property of the university and should not be transferred to personal use. Your department or desktop support contact will help you re-purpose or dispose of the computer when you no longer need it.