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Kaltura Retirement - Timeline & Migration Information

Canvas Studio, our existing video platform available within Canvas, is replacing the Kaltura platform. General access to Kaltura in Canvas will end in July with access extension for the fall 2024 semester available on a by-request basis. Please note that summer 2024 courses will continue having access to Kaltura integration in Canvas until Augmester ends on August 22, 2024. 

The majority of content from Kaltura has been copied to Canvas Studio and remaining content will be copied in summer 2024 and in early 2025. Any content that is currently linked to Kaltura media within a Canvas course will be automatically relinked to the corresponding media file within Canvas Studio in the summer of 2024. PlayPosit bulbs linked to Kaltura will also be automatically relinked to Studio in the summer.
Older Kaltura content that doesn’t meet the two-year retention policy will not be automatically migrated to Studio. Impacted users have been emailed and further details are also available in the Kaltura Content Retention Policy section below. 

Please see a high level timeline of this transition and other important information below:

High Level Transition Timeline

  • May 2024: PlayPosit bulbs created before spring 2024 converted to Canvas Studio, PlayPosit bulb creation for Kaltura disabled
  • June - July 2024: All content created spring 2024 or earlier migrated to Canvas Studio
  • July 2024: Kaltura general access ends (fall 2024 access available by request)
  • July 2024: Canvas studio becomes primary video platform for CU Boulder 
  • December 2024: Kaltura no longer available

Please visit the visual timeline of the Kaltura to the Canvas Studio migration to review the detailed key milestones and deadlines of the transition.  

Kaltura Content Migration Timeline

The initial migration of Kaltura media content to Canvas Studio has been completed successfully and the majority of Kaltura content is available within Canvas Studio accounts. Copied Kaltura content can be found in “My Library” in your Studio account. When you can expect your Kaltura content to be available in Studio: 

  • Content up to May 2023 has already been copied to Studio in January, 2024. 
  • Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 content is expected to be copied by the end of April, 2024. 
  • Spring 2024 content is expected to be copied in July, 2024. Further details will be shared closer to July. 
  • Summer 2024 and Fall 2024 content is expected to be copied in January-February of 2025. Please note that this content might not be copied to Studio before the start of the Spring 2025 semester, and therefore we are encouraging instructors to create content in Studio after May 2, 2024

For a high level representation of the migration to Canvas Studio including content migration milestones and deadlines, please navigate to the Visual Timeline of the Canvas Studio migration.

Kaltura Content Retention Policy

  • Media retention policy affects content migration: In an effort to optimize the use of our media storage capability and to serve as responsible stewards of campus resources, OIT has applied a retention policy to the content that will be copied from Kaltura to Canvas Studio. Per our email communication on December 21, 2023, media files stored in Kaltura that are older than two calendar years and have not been viewed over the last two calendar years, as of January 1, 2024, will not automatically be migrated to Canvas Studio. 
  • Retention policy example: A media file that is five years old on January 1, 2024 and has not been viewed in three years will not be migrated to Canvas Studio whereas a video that is five years old but has been viewed after January 1, 2022, will be migrated.
  • Kaltura content created by December 31st, 2023 is in Studio: Media files that have met the retention policy criteria above and were uploaded to Kaltura prior to December 31st, 2023 have already been copied to Canvas Studio and can be found within “My Library” in your Canvas Studio account.
  • Users impacted by the retention policy have been notified via email: Users received the email (subject: “Your Outdated Kaltura Media Files”) which included download links for the content that won’t be migrated. Kaltura files can also be manually downloaded within the Kaltura integration in Canvas

Access to Kaltura and Preparation for Fall 2024

  • General access to the Kaltura platform in Canvas will end in July, 2024: Access extension for the fall 2024 semester is on a by request basis. To request your access to Kaltura be extended through the fall 2024 semester, email with a link to your course in Canvas and name of the course as it appears in Canvas. Please note that summer 2024 courses will continue having access to Kaltura integration in Canvas until Augmester ends on August 22, 2024. 
  • Create new content in Studio starting in May: Please begin creating new video content in the Canvas Studio platform in May since new content created in Kaltura after May 2nd will not be automatically moved to Studio until after 2024.
  • Kaltura videos in Canvas will be relinked to Canvas Studio videos in Summer 2024: During summer 2024, Kaltura videos embedded into Canvas courses (e.g., on course pages, in Modules) will be automatically updated to the corresponding video file in Canvas Studio. This will save instructors time from updating each video linked in their courses manually. This process will take place after spring 2024 content has been migrated to Canvas Studio and before fall 2024 semester. Active summer courses will be excluded from this process. 

Using Kaltura Videos in Canvas Studio

  • How to access Canvas Studio: Studio is available within Canvas. Please visit the Canvas Studio service page to learn more. 
  • Where to find Kaltura videos in Studio: Your video files have been copied from Kaltura to your Studio account and can be found under “My Library” in your Studio account. To help you identify Kaltura content in Canvas Studio, media files from Kaltura have a tag  “Kaltura”. Tags can be found under the Details tab in Studio.
  • Videos from Kaltura’s Shared Repository are also shared with everyone in Studio: Videos owned by you that have been stored in the Shared Repository will appear in My Library and will be shared with the “Everyone” group. To learn more about Studio groups please review the tutorial How do I share media with a group in Canvas Studio?

PlayPosit Bulbs Linked to Kaltura 

  • All PlayPosit videos will be migrated: All Kaltura videos used in PlayPosit, regardless of when it was last played or created, will automatically be migrated to Canvas Studio for users. Any video files tied to PlayPosit that were sent to users as outside of the retention policy will be migrated over to Canvas Studio this April and will not need to be moved individually by users.
  • Use Canvas Studio for PlayPosit after May 2: The ability to create new PlayPosit content using Kaltura will be disabled on May 2, so please create any new PlayPosit bulbs using Canvas Studio videos instead.
  • Kaltura bulbs to be converted to Canvas Studio in May:  To facilitate PlayPosit converting your Kaltura-based bulbs to Canvas Studio on May 9, you will need to authenticate your Canvas Studio account with your PlayPosit account. Please follow steps 1-6 in the Accessing Canvas Studio in PlayPosit designer tutorial to complete authentication. If you do not complete this process, your bulbs will not be viewable by you or your students and you will not be able to create bulbs using Canvas Studio content. 
  • Initial PlayPosit migration to occur May 9: All existing PlayPosit bulbs based on Kaltura videos that were created before the start of spring 2024 semester will be migrated to Canvas Studio on May 9. PlayPosit bulbs created during spring 2024 will be migrated in July 2024. Between these two migrations, all PlayPosit content will be migrated. Content created using YouTube or Vimeo will remain unaffected.

Support and Questions

  • Participate in a Canvas Studio training: To learn more about the Canvas Studio platform, please consider taking our live or on-demand Canvas Studio trainings listed on the Academic Technology Training page.  
  • Attend Canvas office hours: OIT's Academic Technology Consultants will be hosting Canvas Support office hours to assist instructors with the transition to Canvas Studio. Instructors can also schedule a consultation for one-on-one help if unable to attend office hours.
  • Contact OIT: If you need support with the transition or have questions about Kaltura content in your Canvas Studio account, please contact the IT Service Center at or call 303-735-4357.