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Google Workspace - Groups

Changes to Email List Manager

Starting Thursday, September 29, requests for new email lists will be fulfilled by Google Workspace Groups and Sympa lists will no longer be used to fulfill new list requests. This change will not affect the immediate use and management of Sympa lists, however; this is the first step in eventually retiring the Sympa Email List Manager service and fully migrating lists to Google Groups. Learn more about the change from our news story. 


  • Google Groups can be used for access permissions for Google resources, including Google Drive, Docs, Calendars, and Sites.
  • Can be used as a mailing list for all users within a group.
  • Google Groups can be used to invite groups to calendar events.
  • Group manager can subscribe or unsubscribe users.
  • Group members can subscribe or unsubscribe from groups (optional).
  • Groups access is controlled by the group manager.

The table below compares Google Groups, Email List Manager, and Exchange Distribution Lists features.

Feature Google Groups Email List Manager Distribution Lists
Mailing List Yes Yes Yes
Active Directory Access Control No No Yes
Owner/manager can subscribe or unsubscribe users Yes Yes Yes
User can subscribe/unsubscribe Optional Yes No
Moderated Optional Optional No
Daily digest capability Yes Optional No
Restricted to users with IdentiKeys No No Yes

Google Groups Help Documentation


Google Groups is included in the set of core applications for CU Boulder's Google Workspace service, which means there is no direct cost to owners or members of groups.

Who can get it

Faculty, staff, and students provisioned with Google accounts.

How to get it

Submit the New Google Group Request form on OIT Messaging and Collaboration's Request Portal. You will be asked to provide the following information.

  • The name and CU Login Name of a group owner (person to accept or decline invitations, if necessary). The owner of the group can add and remove members to the group.
  • A descriptive name for the group. The name is based on this format: [CampusDepartmentCode] - GG - [Display Name]. For example:

An OIT specialist will create the account and get in touch with you once it's created.