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Canvas - FAQ

How do I access Canvas?

Canvas can be accessed at:

When can Students and Instructors start using Canvas?

You can start using Canvas now. Create a course in Canvas, or explore it using a sandbox. If you are an Instructor, a sandbox is available to you when you login to Canvas at If you aren’t an Instructor, complete this form and a sandbox will be created for you within two business days. If you do not receive confirmation after 2 business days, please contact

Can I get a Canvas sandbox?

Yes. Instructors will see a sandbox course on their Dashboard after logging into Canvas. If you don’t see a Sandbox on your Dashboard or would like an additional one, please fill out our Sandbox Request form. Staff can create sandbox courses using the request form as well. Your sandbox will be created within 2 business days. If you do not receive confirmation between 2 business days, please contact

What got migrated when my course was migrated from D2L to Canvas?

When your course was migrated, your course activities, readings, and course structure were copied into Canvas. The course content in D2L is not deleted or changed during the migration process. Student enrollments, submitted work, and scores can't be migrated.

What happens to course material that isn’t migrated?

Content outside of the migration window (fall 2011 - summer 2015) will be archived and made available to you upon request.

If you need assistance rebuilding your course, contact the  IT Service Center at or (303)735-4357.

Where I can learn more about migrating courses content from D2L?

Please see the D2L Migration and Retirement page.

What URL should I use to bookmark Canvas?

To bookmark Canvas, go to your browser’s bookmark configuration settings and enter the URL for the application:

How do I get help with Canvas?

Visit the Canvas Help page for a list of support resources available for you.

How do I view my course as a student?

Canvas' Student View tutorial describes how you can view your course as a student, reset any assignment submissions or other interactions that were recorded when you viewed the course as a student, and how to leave the student view.

Does Canvas work on my phone?

You can access Canvas using your mobile phone's web browser, but there are also Canvas apps for Android and iOS primarily designed for students.

Teachers can use the Canvas Teacher app for Android and iOS. You can find documentation for mobile apps in the Mobile Documentation page.

When will students be able to see my course?

You must publish your course before students will be able to see it in Canvas. Even then, students will not be able to see your course until the start date you chose when creating the course. Learn more about course start and end dates.

What is the difference between Pages and Modules?

Pages are static web pages. They are meant to hold content, like text, embedded videos, links to outside resources, etc. Modules let you sequence and organize your content and activities. A module might contain one or more pages, plus an assignment, a pdf file, a quiz, and so forth. With a module, you can set the sequence and whether or not students are required to view or complete an item in a module. Modules help students understand what they need to do in your course.