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Hybrid Work Recommendations - Your Computer

Manage your computer and equipment

Working in a hybrid environment may require some changes in equipment, peripherals, and support of your hardware. Use OIT's recommendations to ensure you have the tools you need to do your work and know where to go when something needs to be fixed or replaced.

OIT's Recommendations

Equipment Recommendations

Please refer to OIT's Recommended Software and Hardware List and Recommended Computer Peripherals. Check with your department on the process for requesting and purchasing equipment.

If your department is supported by DDS, request equipment using the DDS Request Portal.

DDS Support

Need help with software or hardware? DDS Technicians are just a click away. Use the Dedicated Desktop Service Request Portal to get in touch with your technician. The case details do not have to be specific; employees can simply ask for a call back to address the question or issue, and the DDS Technician will be in touch.

Your Objectives

As a staff member located outside the front range but provided campus owned equipment, I need to understand what services are available for fixing hardware issues so that I may prepare for hardware failures

Departments Supported by Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS)

  • To get started, submit a case through the  Dedicated Desktop Service Request Portal.  
  • Hardware failures for Dell computers are coordinated between the DDS technician, the employee, and Dell. A Dell technician will come to the employee’s house to repair the device. If the system needs to be rebuilt after that, DDS will facilitate that using new remote deployment technologies. Very rarely, a Dell computer needs to be shipped back to campus for service.
  • DDS has a similar process for Apple computers and very rarely requires that computers need to be shipped back to campus. 
  • If a computer needs to be replaced, DDS will coordinate with someone on-site in the department to ship the replacement computer to the remote employee. DDS no longer needs to be with the employee for the initial deployment. 
  • DDS will work with the department to help in the adoption and data migration of OneDrive ahead of time to make this process seamless.

Departments Not Supported by Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS)

Apple repair services: Apple computers may be serviced at any Apple Store or authorized Apple service center, but there is no guarantee of same-day service. Computers under warranty may or may not have a deductible that must be paid for service. Computers not under warranty will be quoted the cost of repair. Repairs will need to be paid via P-card.

Dell repair services: For Dell computers purchased with ProSupport Plus warranty (the campus standard, and recommended by OIT), the Dell technician will travel to wherever the computer resides (not just campus) to service it. There are no deductible costs. For computers not under warranty, any local computer repair service can be used, but quality of service varies widely. Non-warranty repairs will need to be paid via P-card.

Will loaner equipment be available while my device is being repaired?

Departments Supported by Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS)

DDS has loaner equipment available on a first come, first served basis, which can be shipped at the department’s expense. DDS coordinates the shipment with an on-site person in the department. Supplies are limited and spread across all DDS supported departments. OIT recommends that departments consider retaining their own loaner equipment if the department is large and prone to needing loaners frequently.

Departments Not Supported by Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS)

There is no current campus service that provides a loaner computer to non-local employees. Options to consider:

  • Incorporate a “contingency computer plan” into a remote employee working agreement. For example, does an employee have a personal computer that could be used temporarily if their work computer fails?
  • Be prepared to ship (expedited, at added expense) a computer if an employee’s computer fails. Budget for these expenses now. The computer may be a loaner or a full replacement. Consider the cost of shipping ($25 overnight, each way) when deciding to replace or loan a computer.
As head of a unit with DDS support, I need to understand what level of relationship and support I can expect with my DDS technician, so that I may educate my team on expectations of support going forward.

Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS) provides both remote assistance and in-person support. DDS Techs will consult with the employee to determine if remote or in-person support is more appropriate for the engagement. By the Fall 2021 semester, DDS will once again be able to make same day in-person appointments and hopes to resume “walk-abouts.” For remote employees, DDS management is also working on a process where DDS customers can chat with their DDS Technicians on Microsoft Teams during business hours for quick questions. Some customers have been testing this with DDS during the pandemic. DDS is working on making this a more standard option for the future. Request support by opening a case in the Dedicated Desktop Service Request Portal. Staff are encouraged to provide feedback about their experience by clicking on the feedback link when their case is closed. DDS will use that feedback to improve the DDS experience for the department.