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IdentiKey - Help

Support Area Description
IdentiKey Manager Learn how to use IdentiKey Manager.
Account Provisioning and Activation Learn about how and when your IdentiKey will be created and how you can activate it.

IdentiKey Lockout Precaution

  • After five unsuccessful IdentiKey login attempts, your IdentiKey will be locked out.
  • If you are locked out, you can either wait five minutes or reset your password.

If you have configured an application or device to automatically log you in and those credentials have changed, your account may become locked out

Password Requirements 

IdentiKey passwords requirements include: 

  • Be a unique password different from the previous 5 set for your account
  • Have at least 10 characters
  • Include 3 character classes (uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols)
  • Not contain your CU Login Name
  • Not contain 3  or more continuously repeating characters (e.g. the string 'aaa' would not be allowed)