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IdentiKey - Help

IdentiKey password change for the campus community

To better protect our online systems and information, we are asking everyone in the CU Boulder community to change their IdentiKey password and be prepared to do so annually. Learn more about this effort, how to change your password, and read our FAQ on the IdentiKey Password Reset page.

Support AreaDescription
IdentiKey ManagerLearn how to use IdentiKey Manager.
Account Provisioning and ActivationLearn about how and when your IdentiKey will be created and how you can activate it.
Known IssuesDetails error messages you may encounter when changing your password in IdentiKey Manager, as well as several common issues you may experience after changing your password. 

IdentiKey Lockout Precautions

Please be aware of the lockout precautions in place for CU Boulder services if you enter your IdentiKey password wrong:

If you have configured an application or device to automatically log you in and those credentials have changed, your account may become locked out. For help, contact the IT Service Center.