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IdentiKey Manager - Choose My Display Name

This name is displayed in the "From:" line of email messages you send. If you wish to use a display name that is not listed, please contact the IT Service Center.

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Requesting a new display name: 

  • A display name must consist of a first name, or nickname, and the legal last name that exists in a source system (SIS for students, PeopleSoft for faculty/staff).
  • If the requested display name is to include a middle name, that middle name must also be in a source system.
  • Requests for shortened names (e.g. James = Jim, Kimberly = Kim) can be completed by following Campus HR's Preferred Name instructions. After that is complete, come back to the IdentiKey Manager to choose your shortened display name.
  • One word display names are not permitted.


Go to the IdentiKey Manager website ( and select Change My Display Name


Log in to the Federated Identity Service with your CULoginName and IdentiKey password.


Click on the Your New Display Name drop-down menu to select one of your alternates. If you wish to use a display name that is not listed but that reflects your official name, please contact the IT Service Center

Once you've selected an alternate display name, click Save.