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Zoom - Additional Licenses

The University of Colorado Boulder maintains a limited number of common good licenses that can be requested for temporary events at no additional cost. Users and departments who require a dedicated license can purchase what they need.

Common Good Licenses

Common good licenses available include Webinar 1000 and Large Meeting 500.  These licenses can be requested for up to 2 weeks each semester.  There are a limited number of each license available.  To request a temporary common good license please fill out the Zoom - Common Good License Request form.


Webinar attendees are limited in the way they interact to chat, responding to polls, and using the “raise hand” feature. Webinar attendees are unable to see other participants (e.g. students cannot see other attendees during a lecture, but can interact with instructor). Webinars have an increased capacity of 1000 attendees.

Large Meeting

A Large Meeting has the same features as a standard Zoom meeting, allowing participants to have access to all available tools such as breakout rooms, screen sharing, interaction with others in the meeting and more, but with additional capacity for up to 500 participants.

Purchase Licenses

The following additional licenses are available for University of Colorado Boulder individuals and departments to purchase.

License Type Annual Cost
Webinar 500 $690
Webinar 1000 $3,400
Webinar 3000 $9,900
Webinar 5000 $24,900
Webinar 10000 $64,900
Large Meeting 500 $600
Large Meeting 1000 $1,080
Events 500 $890
Events 1000 $4,400
Events 3000 $12,900
Events 5000 $32,400
Concurrent Meeting Basic (4)   $96
Concurrent Meeting Plus (20)   $336
Zoom Room $499
Cloud Room Connector $499



Purchased licenses will be prorated to align with the University’s Zoom contract renewal in January of each year. Users who have purchased a license will have the option to renew their license for another year at the annual cost listed above or to decline renewal and have the license revoked.

For example: Purchasing a Webinar 500 license to start on 9/1/2021 would cost $241.97 and would remain active until 1/6/2022. After 1/6/2022 the user will have the option to renew for the year at a cost of $690 or decline renewal.