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IT Security - Password Managers

What is a password manager? 

Password managers help generate unique and strong passwords, store them in one safe (encrypted) place, and use them while only needing to remember one main password. The main password unlocks your encrypted vault which grants you access to each of your passwords. 

Recommended options

All of the recommendations are encrypted so your data is safe, and none of your information is shared with third parties. These recommendations follow industry best practices and are considered good options by OIT and the Office of Information Security. This list is not comprehensive, and there may be other options that are acceptable.

OIT does not directly support the password managers listed on this page; if you have questions about a password manager or need support, contact the vendor directly for assistance.


1Password is a password manager app you can use across multiple platforms and browsers. It offers instant password syncing across all devices, password auditing, and works with biometric logins like FaceID and fingerprint scanning.


KeePass is a local storage option storing passwords on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device. KeePass is open source, and the source code is available for your review, but it is highly technical to use.