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Cable Television - Scan for Channels


Perform an Auto Program or Channel Scan on your TV to ensure you are viewing all the available analog and digital channels provided by CU's Cable Television Service. Please note: Exact details on how to auto program or auto tune digital TVs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model. For best results, refer to the owner’s manual.

  1. Turn on your TV and select Menu from your remote.
  2. Select Set-Up. (Note: This may be under a different category like Settings, Tools, or Options.)
  3. Select Cable or Antenna.
  4. Select Auto Program (Note: this may be under a different name like Scan or Tune).
  5. Follow the TV's prompts to start the scanning process. Most TVs will take several minutes to complete this function.

Visit the Channel Lineup page for a full list of channel offerings provided by CU's Cable Television service.