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Microsoft 365 - Accounts

Use Your IdentiKey

Microsoft 365 utilizes our campus Active Directory (AD), which is automatically synchronized with your IdentiKey username and password.

Account Provisioning and Information

Faculty, Staff and Student Employees

New faculty, staff, and officer/professional positions will automatically be provisioned with a Microsoft 365 account which includes Office Online, One Drive for Business, SharePoint, Lync Online and Exchange Online. Student employees should determine with their department if using their previously provisioned Google account is acceptable, or if they need to have an Microsoft 365 account to isolate work related messages and tasks to a secondary account that can be terminated when the student employee leaves the department. After receiving an IdentiKey, an account will generally follow for new users within one business day. If a new employee has a previous IdentiKey or Google account, they should contact the IT Service Center, to have an account created.

Departments need to inform OIT when a faculty or staff member leaves the university in order to terminate the account. Similarly, if the faculty or staff member transitions to a retiree, alumnus or another university affiliation, notify OIT and the account will be terminated and the individual provisioned a Google account. 


CU Boulder Students have access to Microsoft 365 programs including Office Online, One Drive for Business, SharePoint, Stream, and Teams. Email and calendaring, however, is tied to Google accounts. 

For information about Sponsored Affiliate, Group, and Resource Exchange Online Accounts, visit the Microsoft 365 Mailbox Accounts page.


Upon retirement, CU Boulder Retirees are entitled to keep their email account and IdentiKey. Learn more about Retiree support.