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VPN - Help

Support AreaDescription
How It WorksLearn how a Virtual Private Network works at CU Boulder.
Cisco VPN ClientThe Cisco VPN client is the VPN service for CU Boulder users.
Custom VPN ServiceA description of the Custom VPN service and instructions for requesting the service.
Advanced Users and Server Administrators

Learn about "Limited" Cisco VPN Service.

System Administrators: find IP ranges for Cisco VPN.

Duo multi-factor authenticationStarting in March 2024, CU Boulder VPN will require users to authenticate with Duo MFA when they connect. 

About Your Connection

With this standard connection through Network Connect:

  • Your network traffic will be routed through CU Boulder.
    • You should be able to:
    • Access all libraries resources.
    • Access file servers.
    • SSH, remote desktop, CIFS, NFS
    • If you are unable to gain access to an on-campus resource with this connection, talk to the administrator of that resource. Refer them to the help information on the support page.
    • You can still access your home networked devices, like a networked printer.
    • Access CU-SIS administrative tools from off-campus.
  • External traffic is routed through CU Boulder as well (e.g. external websites). Please review the following policies:
  • Your IP address is located in CU Boulder's public IP space.

VPN usage policy

Read the VPN usage policy.

Department of Commerce regulations

Use of VPN encryption software is subject to United States Department of Commerce regulations. Learn more about the regulations.