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Canvas - Enhancements & Integrations

Latest Updates

New features are released monthly. Note that some of these features may only be relevant to instructors, and others only to students. Learn more about Latest Updates.

New Feature Options

Beta tools are new tools released in Canvas available for instructors to use. These tools are still in “Beta” which means they are not yet fully developed and Canvas is working on improving their functionality. Learn more about New Feature Options.


There are a number of applications that can be integrated within Canvas courses. At the minimum, integrations allow users to seamlessly access an application from within Canvas without requiring users to sign-on to the application. Learn more about Integrations.

Canvas Enhancements

Canvas Enhancements are community-created enhancements that offer increased functionality and improved workflow for your Canvas course management. Learn more about Canvas Enhancements.

Mobile Apps

Students and Instructors can use Canvas’s apps to do many actions available on the full web version. Learn more about available mobile apps.